James Thomas Kearney  

James Thomas Kearney (Jim) was the oldest son of John James and Celia Jane Howell Kearney. He was born October 3, 1881 and died October 3, l938. He, along with his wife Patsy and some of his children, are buried in the Kearney-Lane Cemetery.

His wife, Patsy Elmore Kearney , dau. of Henry J. and Nancy Elmore, was born April 21, 1882 and died September 16, 1931. They were preceded in death by son James Harvey, born October 28, 1911, died October 19, 1915 and daughter Nancy J., born June 21, 1906, died August 21, 1909.

Other children;

1. Lonnie Robert, who married Bessie Carlisle, dau. of Walter, Jr. and Minnie Carlisle.
2. Henry L., md. Clyde Wade, dau. of Zeb and Minnie Ham Wade.
3. Leon, md. Marie Bartlett, dau. of Will and ? Rouse Bartlett
4. Lehman, md. Nora Lee Reaves, dau. of Emmit and Ella Ham Reaves.
5. Celia Mae, md. Claude Wade, son of Zeb and Minnie Ham Wade.
6. James Marvin, md. Addie Rouse, dau. of Thomas and Eva Ginn Rouse.
( Leon and Lehman were twins and so were Clyde and Claude Wade)

Jim and his family shared a home with his parents, James and Celia until he remarried in the mid 1930's, after which he moved into home of his new wife, Emma Radford Gurganus, daughter of Alice Radford, near Peanut Crossing. Jim was a successful farmer and managed to leave each of his children a homestead.

I am told that he believed in the Absolution of God and his Hope was in "Salvation by Grace". He maintained close ties with the membership of the Mewborn Primitive Baptist Church where his father was a Deacon, his brother Berry was an Elder (Preacher) and his brother Stephen served as a Deacon.

During his later years he suffered from "Narcolepsy", a sleep disorder, that limited his activities. The home where he raised his family still stands and is now owned by his Grandson, Jimmy Kearney and located in back of Jimmy and Cora's home. Jimmy inherited it from his father Leon; Leon inherited it from his father Jim; Jim inherited it from his father J. James and J. James purchased it from a black family by the name of Taylor.

Extended family of James Thomas & Patsy Elmore Kearney;

1. Lonnie Kearney, b. about 1907, md. Bessie Carlyle
1A. Lonnie Carson, b. Feb. 27. 1936. md. Mattie Grace Tyndall 1st., Maelina Winders 2nd, dau.    of Major and Nettie Winders. She had three children.
       1A1. Allen Carson Kearney (4-11-56 ) (Mattie)
       1A2. Eric Shane Kearney, (1-25-76) (Maelina)
       1A3. Dennis Keith Hargrove (1-12-55) md. Cindy Pate.
       1A4. Joyce Carol Hargrove (9-3-58) md. Edward Farris.
       1A5. Carl Lester Hargrove (6-5-66) md. Donna Price.
    1B. Pattie Kearney (11-25-1931) md. Floyd C. Long, b. 2-7-1929, mar. 11-23-52
       1B1. Deborah Long b. 1-15-1962, md. Michael King
       1B2. Horace L. Long, b. 12-12-58. Md. Susanne Hux.
       1B3. Mary Ann Long, b. 12-13-1966, md. Keith Stevens.
    1C. Sandra Kearney, b. (afflicted).
    1D. Carolyn Kearney, md. Jerry Sykes

2. Leon Kearney, b. 7-29-1917, md. Marie Bartlett, b. 6-25-15, dau. of William Bartlett
    2A. Mildred Kearney b. 2-211936, md. Clinton Davis
       2A1. Dwight Davis
       2A2. Cindy Davis, md Gary Christman.
    2B. James Melvin Kearney, b. 4-3-1938, md. Cora Harrison.
          2BA. Amy Kearney
3. Lehman Kearney, b. 7-29-1917. Md. Nora Lee Reaves, dau. of Emmit and Ella Ham Reaves, b.
    3A. Eleanor Kearney, md. Tim McCoy, Sr.
       3A1. Tim McCoy, Jr.
    3B. Gerald W. Kearney, md. Sue Harrell
    3C. Theresa (Tootsy) Kearney, md. Larry Shultz.

4. James Marvin Kearney b. 1920, md. Addie Rouse, dau. of Tom and Eva Ginn Rouse.

5 & 6. Henry Lee and Celia Mae Kearney. (Check My file on CC Wade which includes write-ups on Henry and Celia under Clyde and Claude Wade.)
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