Maria Lane Kearney  

MARIA A. (MOLLIE) KEARNEY, daughter of Thomas and Clarky Radford Kearney, born, May 19, 1860, died October 25, 1920. She was the second of three children born to Thomas and Clarky before Thomas was taken prisoner during the Civil War. She married Josiah Dempsey Lane. Mollie and Dempsey are buried in the Thomas Kearney Cemetery on Kearney Cemetery Rd. in Greene County.

They had eight children:

Bettie R. Lane, John Thomas Lane, Emmitt Lane, Annie Maria Lane, Josiah D. Lane, Sarah Lane, Noah R. Lane and Blanche Virginia Lane.

NOTE; A more detailed report on the Lane Family can be found in a scrap book compiled by Garry Lane along with pictures of some family members.

You will note that reference has been made to the KEARNEY-LANE Cemetery from time to time. We are almost certain that the Cemetery was started by members of the John Lane Family who lived in the area in the mid 1800s. There is one grave, unmarked, that was made during my lifetime, about 1960, that we should be able to identify. It is reported that it was a young male from the Lane Family. I solicit your help.

LOCATION: The Cemetery is located just off the Jason-Shine Rd. (now called the Free Gospel Church Rd.) back of the William & Maggie Creech Homeplace.

Garry Lane, descended from Dempsey and Mollie, has done considerable research into his family. Garry feels, and I agree, that there is a strong possibility that John Lanes wife, Mary, born about 1825-27, was the daughter of Stephen and Caty Madens Kearney. The Lanes and Kearneys were neighbors in 1850, plus the fact that Mary Lane was listed as a Civil War Veterans widow and was living with Winnie Lane in 1910 and was age 84. Garry has checked the families within a 3-5 mile radius for available women named Mary and there are none but Mary Kearney. Of course that would make Mollie and Dempsey cousins, but it was not, and is not now, uncommon for cousins to marry.

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