William Franklin & Alice Lynch Kearney  

William Franklin Kearney born, 6-7-1876, son of Thomas and Clarky Radford Kearney. Alice's parents were Lee and Nancy Lynch. William Franklin and Alice Lynch Kearney were married June 17, 1899. William died Jan. 2, 1936. Alice was born Mar. 6- 1884, died Oct. 3, 1966. (She had a brother named John and he had a son named John.) W.F. & Alice are buried in the Thomas Kearney Cemetery on Kearney Cemetery Road about 5 miles west of Snow Hill, N.C. The 1900 Census shows he was a farmer.

Children born to this marriage;

Heppie Kearney, born August 22, 1901, married Walter Davis on Dec. 12, 1919 in the home of Rev. Jim Suggs. Walter died March 24, 1974. Heppie, Family and friends celebrated her 99th birthday during this year, 2000. The Town of Stantonsburg, N.C. presented her with a plaque for being the oldest living citizen. Heppie has lived alone since the death of Walter. She looks after the flower money for her Sunday School Class and orders flowers for the "sick",. She has been a faithful member of the Stantonsburg Pentecostal Holiness Church since 1974. A quote from her Granddaughter, Kay Reason; " If you want to get her excited about anything, start talking about religion and politics. She will voice her opinion about those two things loud and clear. Her family loves and respects her. Her wisdom will always be remembered by all of her generations."

NOTE: I personally interviewed this remarkable lady today, 11-18-2000. She attended the White Oak (One Room) School that was located on the Old Saulston-Snow Hill Road as a child. ( In the Greene County History the road was known as the Goldsboro-Greenville road.) She remembers there were 3-4 huge Oak Trees on the grounds. She grew up on the Thomas Kearney farm and she and Walter farmed until they moved to Stantonsburg, N.C. in 1964. This lady's hearing and memory is great and so is her intellect. Her recollected knowledge of our early family was a prize.

    1A. Harvey Leo Davis, born 1920, died 1920.
    1B. Tiny Mae Davis, born 1921, died 2000.md. Raymond Carroway, div. Md. Bob Garris.
       1Bl. Raymond Douglas Carroway, (Buddy), md Linda Pate Div.
          1B1A Todd Carroway, md. Deborah Lollis
          1B1B Cameron Carroway, deceased.
       1B2. Helen Louise Carroway, md. Danny Preble, div. md. Frazier Wade, div. md. Guy
          1B2A. Craig Preble Wade, born Feb. 20, 1963.
          1B2B. Garland Frazier (G.F.) Wade, born Feb. 20, 1970.
       1B3. Janet Faye Carroway, born Feb. 2, 1944, md. Robert Cambra, div. md. Alfred
          1B3A. Robert Leroy (Bobby) Cambra, Jr.,born, Dec. 29, 1962
             1B3A1. Phillip Ryan, born Nov,. 28, 1986.
             1B3A2 Aaron Bradley, born June 4, 1989.
             1B3A3. Brandon Michael, born Nov, 27.
          1B3B. William Joseph (Billy), born Aug. 30, 1965
             1B3B1. Megan Nicole, born Aug. 2.
             1B3B2. Lauren Ashley, born May 14.
          1B3C. Anthony Louis Cambra (Tony) , born May 18, 1986.
             1B3C1. Cody Anthony Lewis, born Oct. 15.
          1B3D. Alfred Michael (Peanut) Evans, born Aug 30, 1970.
             1B3D1. Justin Michael, born Aug. 11.
             1B3D2. Michael Brook, born April 4, 2000.
          1B3E. Carla Evans Starlin, born May 24, 1973.
             1B3El. Caitlan Danielle, born, Dec. 6.
             1B3E2. Austin Bradley, born Dec. 6.
          1B3F. Horace Lee (****) Carroway, born Jan. 11, 1947, md. Debbie.
             1B3Fl. Teresa Jean (Terry)
                1B3F1A. T.C. (Timothy Craig) born Feb. 6, 1989.
                1B3F1B. Hunter.
             1B3F2. Lisa Carroway Glassey, born May 16, 1974.
                1B3F2A. Amber Nicole Barnum, born Sept. 21, 1997.
    1C. Norman Wayne Davis, Born 1923, md. Thelma Shadding, she died Dec. 28, 1991.
       1C1, Wayne Davis, Jr., md. Carolyn Faye Driver.
          1C1A. Steven Eugene, born Feb. 15, 1965, md. Carl Lynn Beichner.
             1ClAl. Phillip Eugene, born May 14.
          1C1B. Sharon Renee, born Oct. 5, 1967
             1C1B1. Jonathan Ray Davis, born, April 9, 1986.
             1C1B2. Crystal Adriana Arya, born April 7, 1996.
             1C1B3. Daniel Mario Arya, born, March 13, 1997.
          1C1C. Timmy Wayne, born Dec. 22, 1974.
    1D. Alice Alease Davis, born 1925, md. Harold Gibbs, he died Aug. 16, 1991.
       1D1. Steven Gibbs.
          1DA1. Lori.
          1DA2. Todd.
          1DA3. Keith.
       1D2. Sondra Gibbs Rockdashil.
          1D2A. Kim.
       1D3. Davis Gibbs.
          1D3A. Christine
          1D3B. Bryon.
          1D3C. Kevin
          1D3D. Shawn
          1D3E. Katey.
    1E. Margaret Ersal Davis, born 1927. md. Troy Carroway, div., md. Willliam Thomas
          Barnes. William died June 20, 1961.
       1E1. Thomas Ray Barnes, born Feb 10, 1949. He died Dec. 16, 1994, md. Lottie Radford,
               div. md. Phyllis Gay.
          1E1A. Guy Ray Barnes, born Dec. 8, 1966.
             1E1A1. David Ray Barnes, born March 12, 1997.
          1E1B. William Jason Barnes, born, Sept. 29, 1982.
       1E2. Brenda Kay Barnes, md. J.W. Reason, July 6, 1969.
          1E2A. Brenda Renee Reason, born, Jan. 19, 1970; md. Carl Kirkland, divorced.
             1E2Al. Miranda Cai Kirkland, born Dec. 18, 1995
         1E2B. Joseph Glen Reason, born Jan. 5, 1974.
       1E3. Donna Faye Barnes, born Aug. 8, 1951, md. Jennis Lee (Bud) James.
          1E3A. Jennis Lee James 111, born, Dec. 10, 1978, md. Crystal
             1E3A1. Skylar Nicole James, b.
          1E3B. Jesse Brandon James, born Feb. 16, 1985.
        1E4. Michael Eugene Barnes, born, June 12, 1953, md. Kathy Lorraine Cone.
          1E4A. Michael Eugene Barnees, Jr., born July 8, 1978.
          1E4B. Margaret Ann Barnes, born Jan. 27, 1987.
          1E4C. Ashley Nicole Barnes, born, Aug. 31, 1988.
          1E4D. Louis Daniel Cone, born Nov. 20, 1974.
    1F. Loyce Manuel Davis (Billy), born, 1921, md. Betty Ann Matthew.
       1F1. Ronnie Glen Davis, md. Janice Bailey.
          1F1A. Anthony Davis, born July 4, 1976.
             1F1A1. Katelin Nicole, born July 16, 1999.
          1F1B. Mindy Davis, born Jan. 23, 1979.
          1F1C. Brandon Treg, born April 12, 1987
    1G. Walter Davis (Red), born 1935, md. Margie Renfrow.
       1G1 Chris Davis, md. Paula Carmichael.
          1G1A. Brittany Elaine, born Dec. 27, 1991.
    1H. Shelby Jean Davis, born 1938, died 1999. md. Fred Glassey.
       1H1. Vickie Lynn Glassey, born Au. 25, 1956, md. Mark Ivor Basham.
       1H2. Freddie Martin Glassey, born July 2, 1959, died April 28, 1974.
       1H3. Michael Allan Glassey, born Dec. 29, 1961, md. Theresa Kay Frazier.
          1H3A. Bobby Jo Glassey, born March 21, 1979, md. Shane Wilson.
             1H3Al. Alexys Shelby born April 14, 2000.
          1H3B. Jessica Glassey, born Aug. 27, 1981.
             1H3B1. Gabriel Wade Morrow, born Feb. 25, 2000.
    1I. Shirley Ann Davis, born 1942, md. Howard Earl Goff.
       1I1. David Earl Goff, born Oct. 6, 1959, md. Nellie Harrell, div. md. Lynn Lamm.
          1I1A. Shannon Renee Goff, born April 1, 1978, md. David Davenport.
             1I1A1 Dillion Case Davenport, born June 22, 1998.
          1I1B. David Jason Goff, born Aug. 28, 1981.
       1I2. Deborah Ann Goff , born March 20, 1963, md. Johnny Cleveland Little
          1I2A. Rhiannon Lee Little, born Dec. 31, 1988.
          1I2B. Lindsey Lee Little, born Dec. 31, 1988.

2. Tommy Lee Kearney, born about 1903, died 1985,md. Myrtle Head,
    2A. Brody Kearney, b. about 1926-27.
    2B. Geneva Kearney, deceased.
    3C. Narcy Kearney, b. about 1929. Deceased. Lived in Rosewood, Wayne County


Ada Kearney born Oct. 5, 1904, lives alone on Highway #58, about five miles north of Snow Hill, N.C She married William Minshew.
    3A. Thelma.
    3B. Gladys.
    3C. Earl, deceased
    3D. Joe.
    3E. William, Jr.

4. Lena Kearney, b. 1906 died 1977, md. Louis Langston.
    4A. Willard, deceased.
    4B. Dillard, deceased.
    4C. Jenny, deceased.

5. Frankie Kearney, born 1910, md. Mildred Grimes, died march 27, 1965.
    5A. Budd ( Jr.) deceased
    5B. Louise.

6. Charlie Kearney, b. 1913, died May 25, 1987, md. Irene Barnette.
    6A. Bobby, deceased
    6B. Elgin,
    6C. Janice
    6D. Ronnie , deceased
    6E. Donnie, deceased.

7. Willie Kearney, b. 1915, md. Ester Mae Worrell (died July 12, 1991)
    7A. Ronnie
    7B. Colleen
    7C. Francis, deceased.
    7D. Chubby (Ester)
    7E. Kent


Alice Kearney, md. Johnny Worrel, div. md. Clyde Curry.

9. Bruce Kearney, died Oct. 9, 1982, md. Laura Bridgers,
    9A1. Douglas Kearney.
    9A2. Adell Kearney.


Elmore Kearney, bachelor, died Oct. 9, 1982.

11. Burgess Kearney, died August 30, 1991, md. Louvenia Strickland.
    11A. Billy Kearney


Lucy Kearney, died 1944, md. James Gay.

13. Paulean Kearney, died at age 7, in 1934.

NOTE: The above information compiled and sent to me by Brenda Kay Barnes Reason, Daughter of Margaret Ersal Davis Barnes and Granddaughter of Heppie Kearney Davis. She has made a valuable contribution to our efforts toward putting FAMILY information in print. Thanks from all of us; Max Kearney.

Address of Kay; P.O. Box 429, Stantonsburg, N.C. 27883-0249

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