Lena Kearney Langston  

LENA KEARNEY LANGSTON b. 5-22-07, (d 4-19-1977) married Louis Langston, b. 4-24-1905, (d. 12-16-1982) on 7-28-1923. Louis was the son of John (Jack) Jackson and Maczonia (Mack) Etheridge Langston. During my request for information on individuals I ask that family members supply me with stories, deeds and points of interest they wanted included in these narratives. These stories are not quoted verbatim ?Louis was well known for his ability to make "Warts" go away. People came to him, bring their relatives, etc. for him to perform this mystical and by many Spiritual rite. Now Louis was not necessarily a religious man for most of his life but his dear wife, Lena, was. She was active in the Faro Pentecostal Church, attended regularly and often invited the Preacher to have Sunday Dinner. When Louis expected the Preacher was going to be at his home, he would make himself scarce, hanging out at the barn, walking the woods or visiting until the Preacher left. Louis was "layedback" and a generous man. His claim to fame occurred in the 1950's when a B-52 Bomber crashed near his home containing "Atomic" bombs. Louis and his son Willard showed the Air Force where one of the bombs was. They borrowed sheets from Elizabeth Barnes to remove it from a tree. The second bomb was never found and today is considered buried in the area.

Lena loved the Lord and her family. She was considered the head of the household and saw to it that her husband and children were well provided for. Lena died from an embolism and Louis died from Cancer. Lena had a strong will from her youth. Once she observed a mule team in a 'run-a-way" She decided she could stand in the middle of the road and stretch out her arms and the team would stop. She got out ot the way just in time. She would solicit the grandchildren to help her round up chickens and pigs when necessary. Once her Granddaughter "Sandy" Sandra brought about 20 chickens from her Aunt Alice's home near High Point, N.C. in the trunk of her car. When she arrived they had suffocated. Sandy's punishment was to help "dress" all.


Jesse Willard Langston, b. 7-6-1924, d. 10-1-1996, md. Emma Grace Best, b. 2-5- 1925, d. 2-21-1999, dau.of John Walter and Victoria Tillman Best on 10-16-1948. ( Jesse Willard being the oldest child, worked hard helping support the family. He served in WWII, ser. #34997184, PFC inf. AUS Co. F, 182nd Inf. He was a machine gunner in the Philippines. On Sept. 22, 1945 he re-enlisted into Army and assigned to AA34997184 2nd. Coast Artilliery Battery Mine. His medals included the Asiatic-Pacific Theater WWII Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Combate Infantry Badge, Good Conduct medal. The most coveted of his medals was the Bronze Star Medal Honorable Service Lapel Button for WWI. He earned this by being in a group that served behind enemy lines for 17 days with only cold rations . Things were so bad that he could not talk about it without crying. He died while having his heart catheterized at Wake Memorial Hospital, Raleigh, N.C.

    1A. Sandra Kay Langston Ball, b. 8-26, 1949md, 1st, James Carroll Eliss, 12-15-1964, 2nd.
          Donald Eugene Ball, b. 3-15-1949, son of Clarence Allen and Ida Mae McIntosh Ball from
          Bethany, Ill. ( Donald adolpted Cammie and Melanie)
       1A1 Cammie Denise Ball b, 12-30-1966, md. Michael Lee Jordan, b. 7- 20-1965, son of
              Sherrell and Peggy West brook Jordan. (md. 7-12- 1986)
          1A1A Ashley Denise Jordan., b. 7-20-1989
          1A1B Nicholas Reid Jordan, b. 3-26-1995.
       1A2 Melanie JoAnn Ball, b. 4-11-1969, md. Donald Gray Collins II, b. 1-24-1968, son of
              Donald Gray Collins I and Willie Mae Whaley Collins. (Md. 1-13-1990)
          1A2A Emmie Grace Collins, b. 8-15-1999.
       1A3 Amanda Kay Ball, b. 5-12-1970, md. Edward Mark Stevens, b. 5- 14-1966 son of Jimmy
              Stevens and Myra King Stevens.
          1A3A Jessica Lenee' Stevens, b. 12-11-1987
          1A3B Stephanie Renee' Stevens, b. 8-12-1999.

    1B Marilyn Grace Langston, b. 5-8-1956 md. Richard Allen Ivey, b. 5-27- 1952, son of Henry
         and Margaret Summerline Ivey. (Md. 6-16-1974)
       1B1. Crystal Henrietta Ivey, b, 6-22-1977.md. Kenny Lee Jones, b. 7-20-1977, son of Kenneth
              & Rose Mary Jones.(md. 10-1-2001)
       1B2 Melissa Lea Ivey, b. 11-27-1984


Victor Dillard Langston, b. 12-14-1927, d. 12-27-1985. On 4-6-1946 md. Edna Marie Sykes, b. 1-20-1928, dau. of Harvey and Bessie Pearson Sykes. Dillard was a farmer and a merchant. Died from heart condition. Was a kind and accommodating person.
   2A Dolly Jean Langston, b. 12-19-1946, md. 1st. Richard heath, 2nd. Paul Mason, 3rd. Perry
        Barwick, 4th Ronnie Creech
   2B. Edna Marie Langston, b. 6-7-1948. On 1-4-1965, md. Ernest Bronze Woodruff III,
         Barwick, b. 8-7-1947, son of Ruth W. & Ernest Woodruff II.
       2B1. Wendy Ann Wodruff, b, 6-5-1965, on 6-8-1996 md,.Joey Daniel Mills, b. 4-3-1966.
       2B2. Wesley Allen Woodruff, b. 4-3-1966, d. 2-17-1979. (At the age of 5 Wesley rode his
               bike out in front of a car suffering head injuries and was in a coma for several
               months. Died from complications at the age of 12.)
    2C Linda Annette Langston, b. 11-20-1949.md. 1st. Troy Langston, 2nd. Harold Hurdle,
         b, 10-10-1950. Last marriage 4-26-1984.
       2C1. Michael Allen Langston, b. 12-16-1971.
    2D Jerry Dwight Langston, b, 9-9-1952, md. 1st. Rhond Sue Betterton, b. 6- 28-1957, 2nd.
         KimberlyThirl Best, b. 12-4-1960 (md. Best 3-6-1982)
       2D1 Tiffanie Noel Langston, b, 8-22-1981 (mother Rhonda)
       2D2 Cameron Paige Langston, b. 2-11-1983, (mother Kimberly)
       2D3 Ashton Brooks Langston, b. 11-14-1987, (mother Kimberly)
    2E Dillard Ray Langston, b. 9-8-1954, d. 5-18-1957 (sick from birth)


Virgina Dare Langston, b. 3-16-1930, d. 2-12-1969. md. James Harold Hinson, b. 1-7-1930, d. 7-27-1998. Had Cancer.
   3A. Louis Harold Hinson, b. 11-10-1947, md. 1st. Cleo in 1969, 2nd. Jean b. 8- 3-1952.
       3A1 Darren Harold Hinson, b. 5-3-1979, md. Jolena James b. 3-31-1982,
          3A1A Jenna Nicole Hinson, b, 6-23-1999.
          3A1B Austin harold Hinson, b. 8-31-2000.
       3A2 Crystall Jean Hinson, b 12-29-1980
       3A3 Jeffery Allen Nobles, b. 4-10-1972 (stepson) md. Marie Yelverton (divorced)
          3A3A Justin Allen Nobles, b. 12-27-1998.
    3B Agatha Hope Hinson, b. 10-15-1949md. 1st. Greg Turnage, 2nd Glenn Warren, 3rd. Jim
       3B1 Kelly Warren, b, 1-7-1977.
    3C Gary Cooper Hinson, 8-12-1954,md. 1st. Cindy, 2nd. Alice Hinson, b.8-15-1961
       3C1 Jamie Hinson, b. 7-26-1972 ( mother Cindy)md. Shannah.
          3C1A Taylor Victoria Lee Hinson, b. 3-17-1998
       3C2 Jesse Wayne Hinson, b. 9-6-1980 (mother Alice)
       3C3 Katie Hinson, b, 2-2-1987 (mother Alice)

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