Lula Kearney Barrow  


Lula Kearney, born April 29, 1873 or 75, was probably the youngest daughter of Thomas and Clarky Kearney. She married Taylor Barrow, son of Wiley and Serene Barrow. The Barrows were farm owners and operators in the Cow Branch area of the Shine Community. Taylor served twice as a County Commissioner, 1904-05 and 1910-11. NOTE: Taylor had at least two sisters, Ellie, who married Jim Aswell and one that married Luby Head, Nellie Head Shepard's parents.

Their children:

Sammy Lee Barrow, b. Feb. 25, 1896 (12-13-1949), md. Nola Head, b. Sept. 14, 1900 (9-30-1960) daughter of Vance and Molly Carlyle Head. Both are buried in the Hill Cemetery off Hwy. #13, near Wayne County.
    A1. Myrtle Barrow, b. 1-6-1918, md. Paul McKeel 1st. Leonard Heath 2nd.
    A2. Bertha Mae Barrow, b. 2-24-1920, md. Joe Head
    A3. Alease Barrow, b. 1922.
    A4. Rayford (Buck) Barrow, b. 2-9-1924., md. Edna Walston.
    A5. Hodges Barrow, b. 9-26-1926, md. Christine Butts.
    A6. Wiley Barrow, b. 12-4-1928, md. Dorothy Fields.
    A7. Desmond (Hambone) , md. Rose Taylor.
    A8. Joyce Barrow, . Md. Clifton Taylor.
    A9. Shelva Jean Barrow, , md. Eddis Newsome.
    A10. Evangeline Barrow, , md. Tim Naylor.
    A11. Ronald (Goo-Goo) Barrow,b. Jan. 8.-?, md. Mildred ?

Taylor Roosevelt Barrow, b. 8-28-1904 (Feb. 4, 1987), md. Emma Thomas, b. Dec. 23, 1908 (8-23-1885)

Their children;
    2A. Ruby Barrow, b. 6-9-1923, md. Lee Daniels.
    2B. James Rosevelt Barrow, b. 9-9-1924.
    2C. Gladys Barrow, b. 11-21-1925, md. Leon (Tobe) Wells, son of Willie & Annie Ham
    2D. Marie Barrow, b. 10-21?1927.
    2E. Margaret Barrow, b. 5-11-1929, md. Donald Sutton
    2F. Rosetta Barrow,, md. Carson Smith.
    2G. Robert Barrow, md. Nannie Mae Smith.
    2H. Jessie Barrow, md. Murphy Ham, son of Walter & Kizzie Ham.
    2I. Wade Barrow, md. ? Moore, dau. of Doris Hart Moore.
    2J. Sylvia Ann Barrow

Pattie Barrow Howell, b. 8-29-1899, md. Johnny Howell, b. 8-27-1892, son of John & Elizabeth (Fannie) Kearney Howell. 2nd. Theady Ham.
    3A. Lila Vernell Howell, b. 9-29-1920, md. Leon Wells (Wayne County)
    3B. Edward Howell, b. 10-9, 1943 (10-11-1943)
    3C. Selma Grace Howell, b. 1-20-1925, md. Rudolph Potter.
    3D. Ray Montague Howell, md. Virginia Dixon.
    3E. Earlene Howell.
    3F Johnnie Carol Howell, md. J.C. Clark.
    3G. Willa Brooks Howell, md. Bobby Williams.

Note: Johnny Howell had brothers, Walter and Barry. A sister, name not known.

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