The Old Dobbers site is for the posting of information related to our Ancestors who lived in Greene and Lenoir Counties before, during, and after it was known as Dobbs County, NC. At Dobbers there is enough webspace to allow us to post GEDCOMS, photos, and pages for researchers to combine and share research. One of our goals is to document the surname lines from this area of North Carolina. We invite researchers to join us in this effort.

Old Dobbers is the fruition of a dream to have a site modeled after GHOTES (Genealogy & History Of The Eastern Shore of Virginia). Martha has long wanted to establish a web site for researchers who share an interest in the genealogy and history of the Dobbs County area of North Carolina. GHOTES has graciously agreed to allow us the privilege of gleaning ideas from their site. For that, we are most grateful especially since many of our ancestors have roots back to the Eastern Shore of VA.

Why the Wasp?

The site was named Old Dobbers because it covers the area that once comprised former Dobbs County. Old Dobbers stands for "Old Dobbs Era Researchers" Martha reported that she and several others immediately thought of "Dirt Dobbers" when they heard the new name. A dirt dobber is another name for the Mud Dauber wasp.

Several of us thought of "Digging Up Dirt" as a genealogy connection for the dirt dobber. (we meant it in a positive way.) Others thought about how wasps like to be pack rats and care for their children and grandchildren. Either way it works!

I think we all agree with Allen Barwick who said, "ITS NICE TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH A HUMOROUS AND CREATIVE GROUP."