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December 1995

One of the most interesting finds recently was the BARWICK family Bible. I was put onto the trail of it thru Robbie Jones who was doing a survey for the Lenoir County Historical Society. He brought in some old Sutton and Barwick papers to copy that he had borrowed from Duval Barwick. I waited for this material to be given to Heritage Place at LCC, but learned it would be slow in coming and was not a complete copy of the family bible. So on the 10 November 1994, I visited Duval Barwick along with my mother and her sister as they knew Duval when they were all younger. My mother's grandmother was a Barwick. Duval lives in Bucklesberry, Lenoir County. Duval's grandfather and my mother's grandmother were brother and sister; children of Isaac Barwick whose bible Duval had.

Duval stated that Isacc Barwick was a tall man being between 6' 6" and 7' tall. Mother's granny was tall as is Duval. Isaac weighted over 300 pounds. He farmed but when the railroad came through, Isaac worked on it. He drew two men's wages for his ability to lift timbers and steel rails by himself. Isaac had a hickory cane which Duval still has. I have a picture of this cane. The bark is still on this walking stick.

Issac lived in a log cabin in his later days. This log cabin site is near the family cemetery which is located in Falling Creek Township on land now owned by the City of Kinston used for a land dump. This family cemetery has several home-made tombstones for Elmores as Mary Barwick daughter of Isaac Barwick married an Elmore. Isaac's grave back in 1976 was marked by a five foot marker that was wood.

That marker as of 1979 (Duval) and 1994 has disappeared. I took a picture of the grave site.

Issac was in Richmond, Virginia when the War was over. He had to walk home. He walked at night and hid during the day as he was afraid for his life. (Issac served in Company D, 1st Battalion N.C. Local Defense Troops where he enlisted 20 Jan 1863 for the war. He tranferred to Company D, 67th Regiment N. C. Troops on 18 Jan 1864).

The family Bible is dated 1849 printed by New York American Bible Society. It contains the following records:

William Barwick son of William Barwick and Lydia his wife was borned November the 4th A. D. 1822.
Isaac Barwick son of William Barwick and Lydia his wife was borned May the 9th A. D. 1824.
James Barwick son of William Barwick and Lydia his wife was borned March 10th A. D. 1829.

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Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was married October 28th 1851.
John Barwick son of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned October 17th A. D. 1852.
Levi Barwick son of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned April 10th 1854.
Nancy Barwick daughter of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned June 15th 1856.

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Isaac Barwick son of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned February 11th A. D. 1858.
Liddie J. Barwick daughter of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned September 10th 1859.
Elizabeth Barwick daughter of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned March 23rd A. D. 1861.
Chellie L. Barwick daughter of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned February 15th A. D. 1863.

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Joshua M. Barwick son of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned June 16th A. D. 1865.
Martha E. Barwick daughter of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned September 9th 1867.
Elizabeth Bowick wife of Isaac Bowick died on the 30th of July 1874 age 47.
William F. Barwick son of Isaac Barwick and Elizabeth his wife was borned January 14th 1847 and died December 1st 1882. age 35 years 10 months and 16 days.

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Clarinda Rouse daughter of Jesse H. Rouse and Sidney W. his wife was borned September 10th 1867. Lucy G. Rouse daughter of Jesse H. Rouse and Sidney W. his wife was borned April 2nd 1869. Henry Leon sone of Thomas P. and Lucy G. Hill his wife was borned Dec 24 1887

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Among two loose papers found in the Bible are:

Tabbitha Sutton daughter of Alonzo Sutton Martha Jane Sutton his wife was born July 20th 1872.
Eva Sutton daughter of Alonzo Sutton and Martha Jane his wife was born May 7 1874.

Cladie Dawson the wife of Samuel Dawson died on the 3 day of September about 8 o'clock in the morning 1891.

(End of records in Bible)

Isaac Barwick married 1st Elizabeth Benton daughter of Mary/Polly Herring and Francis Benton. And he married last on 4 Oct 1874 Sidney Worthington Rouse, widow of Jesse Hardy Rouse. Isaac raised Sidney's two daughters. Isaac Barwick died 1899 according to a piece of paper in the Barwick-Sutton papers that Duval Barwick has.

Lydia, wife of William Barwick, was born 1792 in Craven County the daughter of Levi Hill who died 1794 in Craven County. Levi's wife was daughter of Simon Rouse.

Nancy Barwick daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Barwick married on 7 Sept 1889 to James Allen Dawson at his father's home. (These are my great-grandparents). Nancy Barwick Dawson died 14 Nov 1937. Nancy and Jim had only one child: Roland Octavious Dawson born 25 Oct 1896 and died 1 Oct 1956. My first name Roland is for this grandfather. (Russell my middle name is for my grandfather Stephen Russell King).

Elizabeth Barwick married A. A. Aldridge. Chellie Louise Barwick married John William Dawson (III). John F. Barwick married Jane Parks Sutton. Mary Barwick married first John Elmore and second William Bill Elmore.

Another find after this concerned Lydia Barwick wife of William. I knew that a Lydia Barwick was kin to the Richard Hill of A Weaving of Hills by Sue Johnson Rouse. I found Lydia's father to be Levi Hill who died 1794 Craven County. Levi Hill was brother to Richard Hill and son of a Richard Hill. The Hill family had a connection to a Linkfield family but unable to prove it as Richard Hill had a son John Linkfield Hill.

Many had searched for this connection over the years. But I found the connection and the proof. John Linkfield (Lenfield) in will left land to his brother-in-law Richard Hill and his two nephews Richard and Levi Hill sons of Richard. Susannah Linkfield married Richard Hill. She was daughter of John Linkfield Sr. son of Francis Linkfield.

So I found proof for several generations mainly by deciding to look thru the will book index at State Archives while waiting for the archivist to pull some boxes for me.

I saw a listing for John Lenfield in Craven County. So I requested the will and when brought to me, I had to sit down cause I could see the proof of the link from Hills to Linkfields. Gil Hill who was with me said he knew that I had found something of great importance by the look on my face. It is one of those wonderful thrills that one experiences in doing genealogy.

The will is as follows:

In The Name of God. Amen. I, John Lenfield of Craven County and Province of North Carolina being Very sick and weak in body, but of Sound mind and Memory do this Twentyeighth Day of March, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six, Make, Ordain and Conclude, This to be my Will & Testament, To Dispose of What it Hath Pleased god to Bless me with, which I Do in The following Manner - Viz..

Inforesd I Give and Bequeath, unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Lenfield One Negro Girl, Named Fillis And all The Movabelers that is belonging to my Estate, Exceping one Spice Mortar, & Pessar One pair Irons and Irons, One pair Spoon moulds and One Sadle and One mare Running in Broad Creek Woods Branded with FL also Three cows at my Place at Goose Creek, at the Plantation, where Willm Keaton Lives, One Cow Running At the Pen where Richard Hill Lives, One Cow at or Running at the Plantation where I now live, on, which is Linfields ferry.

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my son Francis Linfield The Plantation where I Now Live, Known by the Name of Lenfield Ferry Containing 650 Acres. To Him and his Heirs, Lawfully, begotton of his body, And incase, my Said Son Francis Lenfield, should die, wothout Propper Heir Then, my will and Desire, is that Levy Hill, and Richard Hill, sons of Richard Hill, my Brother in Law, Shall Equally Divide, the Said Plantation, between Them and to be Heirs, Thine Heirs Lawfully begotton of their Body and, incase They all should Die without Lawfull Issue, Then my will and Desire is, That it, That is, the said Plantation, should be Sold at Public Vendece, and the amount thereof to be Equally divided amongst the Propper Heirs of Susannah Hill, Ruth Barrington, and Lydia Linfield.

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Linfield, the Plantation, whereon Richard Hill Liveth During her life time and after that To Her son, that is to say my Son Francis Linfield. This my will and Desire, if my said son Francis Linfield, Should Die without Proper Heir, before my said wife, Then, That she may Dispose of the same as She Thinks Proper.

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my BrotherinLaw Richard Hill one Hundred and Fifty Acres of Land Lying and being in Craven County and at Goose Creek, being Part of a Pattent granted me in 1765.

Item I Give and Devise unto my beloved Son Francis Lenfield, three Hundred and Fifty Acres of land Lying and Being in the County aforesaid, And, where Wm. Keaton Now Liveth.

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Son Francis Lenfield One Negro fellow Slave to him and his Heirs; That is to say after he Arrives to the Age of Twenty & one years, till which time my will and Desire is that my wife Elizabeth Linfield may Have the Benefit of the Said Negro fellow Slave, called Peter, my said son Arrives to the age of Twenty and one years.

This my will and Desire, That if my said son, should Die without Proper Heir, Then for him the said Negro man Slave, Peter, to be Equally divided, between my Two Systers Ruth Barrington and Lydia Lenfield.

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my son Francis Lenfield a Certain Negro Woman Slave, Called Jude, To Him and his Heirs.

This my will and Desire That my wife Elizabeth Lenfield Should Have the use of the said Negro Jude until my Said Son Arrives to the age of Twenty and one years.

And if my son Francis Lenfield should Die without Proper Heir, Then my will and Desire is that my wife Elizabeth Lenfield should have a Third part of her Increase, if any, And the said Negro Woman Jude, and the Remainder Part of her Increase, That is not already Bequeathed, to be sold and The Money to be Divided amongst my beloved wife Elizabeth Lenfield, Susanah Hill, Ruth Barrington and Lydia Lenfield

This my will and Desire that my beloved wife Elizabeth Lenfield should have and Injoy the Plantation where I now live on, untill my son Francis Lenfield Arrives to the Age of Twenty and One years, and For Her do give my said son Francis Lenfield, Six years Schooling, That is to say, from the Fourteenth year of his age till he Arrives to the Age of Twenty and one, For the use of the said Plantation aforesaid at Lenfields Ferry and the Use the aforesaid Negro fellow Peter, and Negro wench Jude, untill my said son Arrives to the Age of Twenty and One Year.

This my will and Desire that my beloved wife Elizabeth Lenfield, and my well beloved and Trusty Friend Benjamin Williams For my Executrix and Executor of this my will and testament To Act According to Law.

Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Francis Lenfield, one spice Mortor and Psteel, one pair Irons and Irons, Spoon mould and one sadle, and two Cows, one at Goose Creek, and the other at the Plantation where I Now live.

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Cousin John Winham, one Bay Mare, Running in Broad Creek woods. Branded with FL also 3 Cows Running on, or about the Plantation where a Wm. Keaton now Liveth.

Given under my Hand and Seal the Day and Year first above Written. John Lenfield

Signed, Sealed, Declared, and Pronounced, in the presents of Scarborough Tanheard, Edward Williams Jurat, Edmd. Pearce Senr.

Proved July Craven Inferior Court 1766. Recorded in the Clerks Office of Craven County this 21st Sept 1766.

Inventory of John Linkfield Estate Deceased taken October Craven Inferior Court 1766:
To Three Negroes one man named Peter one negroe Wench named Judca one only named fillis
Housold Stuf Furniture 2 feathers Bed and furniture Nine chears 1 ovil Table 1 pained Table 2 Chists and 1 Tronk 1 small box 1 case 1 cradle 1 looking Glass 1 Spining Wheele 1 pair of cards To 4 putter Dishes 3 bason 10 plaits 16 spoons 2 Iron Hoots 1 Iron pottramels 1 pair of pot hook 1 Teakettle 1 fringpan and grid iron 1 pair of Flash for ko 1 pair of hand iron 1 spice morter and pessael 1 pair iroon mouls and melting Ladle 1 pair of fire tonge and shovel 1 box iron heatter 2 punchboles 1 Teapot 1 Coffy pot a half set of Teyware 5 Coffey Cups 1 milk pot 1 Yethen Plait 1 case of Knives and forks 1 pair stillard 1 hacket 1 pair working barets and box 1 candlestick 1 Lanting a two Gallon Jug one half Gallon bottle 3 Iuort bottles 3 pint bottles 2 bread trays 3 pigsons 1 pail 1meal Sifter Shorets and four barrels milk barrel Crosset Saw and han saw 1 Joynter stock 1 Copper ads and Carpenters ads 1 Drawing Knifes 1 Chisels 1 pair of Iron Weges 1 Sreal Trap 3 Club axes and one broad ax 1 hatchet 3 hoas 1 hanmiss 2 guns 1 cart 2 fery babs conue To 20 head of Cattle and Five head of Horses and mares 2 Sadles 1 mans and womans Sadle and 2 bridles 4 beels 2 rideing whip 3 lasts 1 putor fones To about forty Head of hogs To atobe Worker Mill

Francis Lenfield son of the above John Lenfield died 1783. His estate was divided on 2 June 1783 between his Mother Elizabeth Gatlin and his seven half-brothers and sisters named Sednah, Hardy, Betsy, Beckey, Marrey, Hollon, James Jr. Francis was a young man. The Gatlins moved to Lenoir County as did the Hills.

Richard Hill father of Richard and Levi Hill married Susannah Lenfield daughter of John Lenfield Sr. Richard Hill died 1778. His inventory March Court 1778 Craven Court included: Three Jacket Patterns, One Jacket Pattern, Two Pair Brushes, Remnant of Silk, Two pair Stockings, One pair Silver Buckles, three Shirts, two Stocks, two Coats, one hat, one Hand Vice, One Box Tools, One Handkerchief.

Levi Hill's will is as follows: In the name of god amen. I Levi Hill Being sick of body but of sound mind and memory Taking to mind that was appaynted for all men once to die Do make and ordain this my last Will and testament in maner and form following
Item I give to My Well beloved Wife all my house hold goods of all Cowns
Item I live all my Lands to be sold at the discresion of my Executor here after mentioned for nine months bondth and the monies arssins from it to goe for the schooling and maintaining of my two Children

Item I leave thirteen barrels of corn to be sold for six months bondth and the money arrsing from it to goe to the Use of paying My debts and all the money that is due to me is to goe to Ward paying of my Just Debts And doe appaynt my Loving brother Richard Hill and my father in Law Simon Rouse Executors to this my Last Will and testaments making void all other Wills before made this 22 of January 1794 signed in the presents of Chas. Williams William Tignor Levi Hill

This will was proved March Craven Court 1794 by Charles Williams witness and Simon Rouse and Richard Hill qualified as Executors.

An Inventory of the Esrate of Levy Hill decast taken this 28th day of January 1794:
To Land 177 acres two feather beds and furniture two Chists two tables six chairs three pots one tea kittle one frying pan six knives & forks twelve plates three dishes one bason one Earthen pan one coffe pot one tea pot four cups & sausers five tea spoons one dozen Table Dito one tub two pailes one bucket three glasses two bowles one mug two jugs twelve bottles one haskle one gun one drawing knife one carpenters adds ten Club bottles one auger one gage one bar plow one fluke plow four axes two breedong hoes one 1/2 grubing hoe two clevisses two Slays one Loom one pair of gears one Cross Cut Saw 1/2 of a whip saw 1/2 of a grind stone one Linnin Wheel one Woolin Dito two pair cards two peices of Leather one hide six books one Iron Wedg one pair Steel yeards one Earthen pot some Shoe Toots one Candel stick one pr. snuffers ywo Hogs heads four old Barrels one keg two Table Clothes two bags 1/2 Bushel two baskets one 1/2 hone and Razors one saddle & bridle two bred trays one frough one Sifter two pair of pot hooks five & 1/2 lb of Spun Stuff one sugar box one note hand on Peter Ipock seven pounds fifteen & sixpence one Dito on Arter Ipock for fifteen pounds & one pence two judgements for five pound thirteen one Dito for one pound some Square Timber one Sope Tub one meal tub one firkin one pair haims two guns one gun barrel one pistols one pistol barrel one chisel one funnel one Morter one pr. Compasses one pepper bos one milk pot one eight bushels of corn some short corn some pees in the Hull one great coat two Clost Dito two pair Breeches four wisteats two pair of hose two stocks fice pr. Trouses one pair shoe boots one pr. siver Buckles one stock buckle one pair sleve buttons one pair brass shoe buckles one hat four shirts one pair Cloth boots one Hog one Bell two pair Mittens some shingle Timber three gallons of Honey half Cufh Salt 1 stock Lock three pints Rum two pound sugar one hundred & one acres Land Inventory returned June Term 1794.

Levi Hill's brother Richard Hill is in Lenoir County by June 1793 according to Court paper for disbursements of Levi Hill's estate. This docuement has Richard Hill's signature and Susannah Hill testifies that Levi hill made use of forty-two shillings and six pence of Richard Hill's money.

Simon Rouse also received board money for children of Levi Hill, Dec'd. This document has Simon Rouse's signature (Simon Rous).

Acctn. of Sale of the property of Levi Hill dec'd: 11 March 1794 buyers were: Simon Rouse, John Row, Coventy Busford, Francis Hill, Charles Williams, Richard Hill, William Porter, Wm. Gatlin, Wm. Aslams, Thomas Coxe, John Dannil, Levi Dawson.

Estate records show Lydia and Richard were schooled. Board was paid to their mother Sally Hill. Court records are through 1808 that I have been able to find so far.

Sally Hill and children: Lydia and Richard were in the 1800 Census for Lenoir County.

Lydia was married to William Barwick by 29 Jan 1819 as Lydia Barwick is witness to a deed from Susan Hill to John L. Hill. Lydia Hill Barwick is a widow in the 1840 Census as well as the 1850 Census for Lenoir County. William Barwick and Lydia are in the 1830 and 1820 Censuses.

This completes the BARWICK-HILL-LENFIELD connection as I have been able to find and share in this newsletter. Any suggestions or corrections to any of the above material please write me. If you have additional material to support any of the above material please let me know. I do hope that the preceding information was helpful and insightful.

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