Ivy C. (Coons/Koonce) Bender Ancestry  

The following is from the research of Jonathan B. Butcher, 11/1981, research done for Verena Bender Hekman. Mr. Butcher lived in Cary N.C.

Ivy Coons/Koonce BENDER was born in North Carolina ca. 1812/1815, but was in Bartholomew Co., Indiana by 1836. Your extensive notes suggest he was likely a son of Martin BENDER (the second), which I have been able to confirm. Ivy's parents (Martin BENDER -2nd and Ann KOONCE) apparently moved from Onslow Co., N.C. a few miles northwest into Lenoir Co, N.C. shortly after his birth. Unfortunately most all the Lenoir Co. records were destroyed by fires in 1878 and 1880. One item that does survive is a grantee (only) index to the now lost deeds, snatched from the window of the burning Court House by a passerby. This can be used to identify sales of land as well by reading through the entire indes, which I have done.

As we shall see below, I suspect that Martin BENDER died about 1830/33, leaving a now lost will, and probably bequeathing lands to Ivy. The Lenoir Co. deed index then shows two deeds recorded in Book 28, between 1833 and 1838, the period in which Ivy appears in Indiana:

HOOD, Thomas, from Ivry BENDER 28:97

POTTS, James from Ivey C. BENDER 28:388

These records show that Ivy was indeed in Lenoir Co. N.C. Better proof of his parentage is forthcoming from Onslow records, which we shall get to in a moment.

Martin BENDER was apparently born in Jones Co. N.C. in the interval 1770/74, judging from the combined testimony of the Censuses, likely right about 1770. He must have married Ann KOONCE, ( who was probably born ca 1775) just before her father, John KOONCE, made his will in Onslow Co. N.C. on 6 Jan 1791. ( I believe you have a copy of this will. John KOONCE was the grandson of one Johan Cunys, who was among the Palatine settlers of New Bern but was killed by the Indian on 23 Sep. 1711. This is shown by a record dated 18 June 1852, a copy of which I encountered and copies of which are enclosed ) We also know that Martin BENDER received land from his father in a deed of 13 July 1792, a copy of which you sent to me.

I have not been able to find any record of Revolutionary service for Martin BENDER. He did not serve in the regular troops, but records of Militia service are quite scattered from North carolina. No pay voucher survives for him, but these represent only a fraction of the men who actually served in such capacity.

Martin BENDER apears to have been missed by the Census taker in 1800, but in 1810 he is listed in Onslow Co. N.C. (see copy). as you know he sold his Onslow lands in 1815. From the Census we can then determine that he moved two counties over into Lenoir Co., where we find him in the 1820 (see copy), but where the records are destroyed. He probably purchased land therre, although I did not find such a deed indexed, and again appears in Lenoir ("BENDERS") on the 1830 Census, aged 50-60 (see copy enclosed; the published index has this incorrectly as "Artin BENDEY"). Note that a male of Ivy"s age is indicated in his household here.

Martin BENDER probably died in Lenoir Co. N.C. in or shortly before 1833, and probably left a will bequeathing his land to his son Ivy (the deeds index does not suggest that any of the other sons inherited land in Lenoir Co. N. C. ) Most fortunately for us Martin BENDER also possessed a claim to a slave from the estate of his father, John BENDER Sr., in Onslow Co. N.C. John BENDER Sr., who lived to a very old age, made his will 9 Mar. 1827, codicil 25 Mar 1827, probated in Nov 1832 (see copy enclosed). (John BENDER Sr. was born 1735) This left to Martin BENDER the land in Onslow previously deeded and a negro slave Isaac.

Other bequests made by John BENDER Sr. included one to his son Lot (Loftus?) BENDER, if he "appears to be in existence at the date of this will or has lawful issue at this date"...of a slave named Peter, after the death of John BENDER's wife (#4 and last wife was Mary LLOYD).

Apparently, Lot was thought either to have died or had released his right to this slave to his brother, Martin BENDER. At any rate, in 1833, probably after the widow's death the heirs of Martin BENDER, acquired a claim to this slave Peter in Onslow. An undated petition for the sale of " a certain negro man named Peter" was then directed to the Onslow Court by "Salathiel POTTS and Elizabeth (BENDER) his wife; Amanda (BENDER), Henry (BENDER) and Agustus BENDER infants by Thomas HOOD, their guardian; Herring CREECH and wife Nancy (BENDER); Loftin BENDER and Ivy BENDER... distributees of one Martin BENDER' (photostaat enclosed). As a result of this petition sale of the slave, "formerly belonging to John BENDER Sr.", was made on 1 Jan. 1834. this record proves Ivy C. BENDER's parentage. It further suggests that Ivy may actually have been of age by 1833, thus born ca 1812, as no guardian is mentioned in the petition.

If Martin BENDER did a will, the above petition may not name all of his heirs-just those to whom he left either the slave or this residual rights to his estate. Specifically, I think that the eldest son, William, has been omitted because of this. Comparing the petition with the Census data we can list Martin's children as follows:

l. daughter, born 1794/11800

2. daughter, born 1794/1800

.....These elder daughters were perhaps not parties to the petition cited above.

3. son, born 1800/1802. This is likely William BENDER, born ca 1800, who was living in Lenoir Co., N.C in 1830. Died 5 Oct. 1869 in Bloomington, Indiana.

4. daughter, born 1800/04. This or another daughter, would be Elisabeth BENDER wife of Salathiel POTTS.

5. son, bon 1800/10 (by 1810 Census). Died young?

6. son, born 1800/1810. Died young?

7. son born 1810. this would probably be Loftin BENDER.

8. son, born 1810/15. Ivy Coons/Koonce BENDER, born ca 1812/1815. died after 1879 in Texas or Kansas. Married Caledonia FRANKLIN, 18 Nov. 1841 in Bartholomew Co., IN. Caledonia FRANKLIN born 17 December 1822 in Indiana, the daughter of Wesley FRANKLIN (N.C.) and Margaret TIPPS (N.C.). She died May 1, 1907, buried in De Leon, Comanche County, Texas. Ivy and Caledonia BENDER had eight children.

9. son, born 1815/20. Henry BENDER, born ca 1815, later of Iowa and Kansas.

10. daughter, born 1815/20. Probably Nancy BENDER wife of Herring CREECH.

11. Son born, 1820/1825. This would be Augustus BENDER born in 1820, who died in Buchanan Co., Missouri 7 April 1857.

12, daughter, born 1820/25, Probably Amanda BENDER.

Martin BENDER'S ancestry in North Carolina is already known to you. I have however enclosed copies of the original wills of his father John BENDER SR., and his grandfather, Martin BENDER SR. Finally, I undertook some investigation of Martin BENDER Sr.'s orgin.

By his location (Trent River), name and associated (the KOONCE FAMILY) we would suspect that Martin BENDER Sr. was of the Swiss Palatine settlers brought by De Graffenreid in 1709, founders of the town of New Bern, Craven Co., N.C. Unfortunately the Craven Co. records are not very well preserved before about 1739, when the deeds start, but those that are available do not mention any BENDERS before 1740. None of the surname appear in De Graffenreid's "HISTORY OF THE FOUNDING OF NEW BERN", NOR WERE ANY AMONG THE SURVIVING HEIRS OF THE PALATINES WHO IN 1749 PETITIONED FOR THE RESTORATION OF THEIR ORIGINAL LANDS ("COLONIAL RECORDS OF N.C.." IV 964-955. Craven Court Minutes survive for 1712-1715 and 1730 onwards, and have been abstracted through 1741,

This deed appears as follows:
(Craven Co. deeds 1:315):
To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come Greetings, Know ye that I John Simons of Craven County...planter...for...the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds Curt. lawfull money...paid...by Martin BENDER of the County aforesaid, Cordwinder...have...sold...unto the said Martin BENDER...one certain plantation and tract of land, whereon the sd BENDER...now dwelleth, situate...on the beginning at the mouth of a little branch, "one certain plantation and tract of land, whereon the sd BENDER now dwelleth, situate...on the south side of Trent River on the East side of the said SIMON'S branch beginning at the mouth of a little branch, near the sd. BENDERS'S Plantation...for one hundred Acres...In Witness whereof I ...have hereunto set my hand and seal this Thirteenth day of May in the year of our Lord Christ 1740. signed JOHN SIMONS
Witness: Nathaniel PARROT, William W.R. RAMSEY, his mark

John SIMONS was later an Executor (actually this later John SIMONS was John SIMONS JR.)...and perhaps he was an in-law. Note that the land in the deed was "near the sd, BENDER'S PLANTATION", so presumable Martin BENDER purchased other land previously via a lost deed, or had obtaained a land grant.

Cousin Jean BENDER HICKS found some research that states that our ancestor Martin BENDER (fhe first) married Katherine SIMONS (the daughter of John SIMONS Sr. and Margaret BUSSETT). Jean is still researching this.

If you get any word about our BENDER line there in Lenoir Co. N.C. (and in the Counties of Craven/Jones/Onslow) please e-mail Jean BENDER HICKS and me, Verena BENDER HEKMAN great, great granddaughters of Ivy Koonce BENDER. By the way...some descendants of Martin BENDER SR. still live in Pollocksville N.C. (they descend through John BENDER SR. also.)

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