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I have worked long and hard on this line. My Elizabeth BRIGHT married William Lovick. I am still not sure if Elizabeth was the daughter of Capt. Simon BRIGHT, whose son James married Elizabeth LOVICK according to the James Bright Bible 1796-1819), but I believe her to be and am still looking for primary sources to document that.

Many thanks to those who share their research.

1- John BRIGHT, born about 1670 in VA?, died 1720 in NC (source will)
Spouse -Elizabeth died 1744 in NC

2- Simon BRIGHT, Sr. (Colonel) born 1702 VA, died 1777 Dobbs Co, NC, married abt 1730 ( He is mentioned in his father's will.)

Spouse- Mary REEL, dau. of Peter REEL, Sr ., and wife Mary (this is proving not possible because she would have been to young at the time of her father's death. Was there more than one, perhaps a SR. and Jr. Peter Reel? also, Hodges is a possible last name of a wife of this Simon.)
 3- Simon BRIGHT, Jr.(Capt.) b. abt 1734 NC, d. Dec. 1776 Dobbs Co. NC       Spouse: Mary GRAVES , (middle name may have been Elizabeth, no proof) m.
4- dec. Daughter married James B. HOOKER possibly one of girls below
4- Elizabeth BRIGHT
4- Martha BRIGHT
4- Benjamin BRIGHT
4-Sally (Sarah) BRIGHT Spouse- Francis Marion FONVILLE ?
4- dec.. Daughter who married HOUSE, br. James, her children's guardian.
4- James BRIGHT II, b. abt 1759 NC,
Spouse: Elizabeth LOVICK m. 13 June 1796 (James Bright Bible)
5- Henry BRIGHT b. 2 Aug 1797
5- Ann Heritage BRIGHT b. 22 Aug 1799
5- Thomas Graves BRIGHT b. 12 Oct 1801
5- Mortimer BRIGHT b. 27 June 1804
5- Emma BRIGHT b. 17 Feb 1807
5- Sally BRIGHT b. 9 apr 1808
5- Henrietta Elizabeth BRIGHT b. 21 Feb 1812
5- Lucius Montgomery BRIGHT b. 14 Jan 1814
5- Mary Caroline BRIGHT b.15 Jan 1817 (twin)
5- Henry Augustus BRIGHT b.15 Jan 1817( twin)
5- Alexander Henderson BRIGHT b.1 Sept 1819

4- Graves BRIGHT b. NC

4- Mary BRIGHT b. NC

4- Nancy BRIGHT b. NC

4- Elizabeth BRIGHT died after 1828 source is a privy exam. for a deed
Spouse- William LOVICK
  5-Mary Ann LOVICK
Spouse- Warren KILPATRICK
3- James BRIGHT
3- William BRIGHT d. 1782 Dobbs Co., NC
3- Elizabeth BRIGHT
Spouse- Francis HARPER


2- James BRIGHT

2- Henry BRIGHT d. after 1723

2- Richard BRIGHT

2- Mary BRIGHT d. after 1754
Spouse- William WINN Jr.
2- William BRIGHT
Spouse- Anne

2- Lydia BRIGHT

2- John BRIGHT

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