Pearce/Fonville/Lovick - Harmony Hall  

Found in the Peebles House Folder, Sybil Hyatt Collection, Lenoir County Public Library, Kinston, NC

Lenoir County, NC

I, J. W. Kilpatrick a Notary Public in Lenoir County, NC do hereby certify that the Deed made by Jno F. Wooten, Clerk and master to John H. Peebles as shown in Book 9 page 388 in the office of the Register of Deeds for Lenoir County North Carolina, bearing date of July 1st A. D. 1848 includes the land on which the Library is now located on the South side of East King Street and between South Queen Street and McLewean Street.

And that my Grand-Father, John S. W. Pearce was a son of Abner Pearce and according to the family records of Abner Pearce.

Abner Pearce married Phebe Fonville a daughter of Sallie Becton Fonville. Sallie Becton, married William Brice Fonville.

After Abner Pearce, deceased, his widower Phebe Fonville Pearce, married George Lovick, and George Lovick died leaving as his widow, Phebe Fonville Pearce Lovick.

The said Phebe Fonville Pearce Lovick had two children by George Lovick, Sidney Lovick and Lizzie Lovick.

Lizzie Lovick married Sam Claytor and Sidney Lovick married John Lovick Kinsey.

After the death of Phebe Fonville Pearce Lovick the property was sold for a division of the proceeds to be divided among the heirs. The proceeds was divided amoung the heirs of Abner Pearce and according to the division the land was the property of Abner Pearce, deceased.

Had Phebe Fonville Pearce Lovick been the owner of said land her two children by George Lovick would have received a part in the division.

The records in Lenoir County, NC was destroyed by fire in the year 1880.

This Deed mentioned above in the fatherest back that is shown in the Register of Deeds Office Now.

I, J W. Kilpatrick hereby state that according to all the research I have done the above is true to my best knowledge and belief.

J. W. Kilpatrick, a Notary Public

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