Dail/Deal Family Deeds  


Abstracted from the originals by Martha Mewborn Marble

BOOK DFTU page 135

24 February 1792 – Samuel Herring of Wayne County to Abel Deal of Wayne Co, planter – 200 acres for 40 pds – tract in Duplin on the branches of the NE and runs the head of Sleepy Creek – adj John Dickson, Great Meadow, Kornegay, Hardy Reaves, Thomas Ares? – part of a patent to Herring on 22 July 1774 – including all buildings, orchard, meadow, timber, trees

WIT Thomas T. ___?, Michael Wilkens

To court Oct Term 1792


DEED BOOK ___ p 186

20 February 1796 – Abel Deale, Junior of Wayne Co to Bryan Whitfield of Lenoir – 200 acres – 80 pds – tract on NE branch near the head of Sleepy Creek being part of a tract granted by patent on 22 July 1774 to Samuel Herring for 400 acres – adj Dickson, Great Meadow, Kornegay, Hardy Reaves, Thomas Ayres

signed by mark

WIT Jonthan Kitheley, J. Whitfield

To Court Jan 1799

Deed Book L p 13

10 May 1796 – Michael Glisson to Abel Deale both of Duplin – 273 acres – 107 pds and ten shillings – sundry tracts – one tract of 54 acres – SS NE Marsh, ES Miry Branch including place where the said Abel Deale now lives being contents of a patent granted to Samuel Rogers; another tract adj the same adj Samuel Rogers, Goodwins Corner, Jonathan Kieteley of 29 acres part of tract patented by George Smith; another tract SS N Marsh both sides of Miry Branch, adj said Deale, Samuel Rogers, Samuel Albersons, George Smith's old line – 190 acres being part of a patent of 300 acres granted to George Smith on 29 October 1782 – all woods, waters, houses, etc

WIT Wm. Dickson, Thomas Deale

To Court April Term 1797

Book 3A

12 July 1796 – Michael Glisson to Thomas Dale – both of Duplin – 107 pds 10 shill – 285 acres in two tracts –first 175 acres on Beaverdam Swamp being part of the patent to George Smith for 300 A on 29 Oct – adj Goff, Stephen Gufford, Smith, Jonathan Keithley ; 2 nd tract of 100 acres on SS of the NE Marsh on Mirey Branch – adj Andrew Gufford, Rogers corner – part of patent to George Smith on 29 Oct 1782

WIT Abel Dale, Edwd Albertson

Deed Book 4A p 256
_ day of _ 1810 – Abel Deal of Duplin to son Isaac Deal – for natural love and affection – sundry tracts – one tract of 54 acres – SS NE Marsh on ES of Mirey Branch including the place where Abel Deal now lives – being contents of a patent to Samuel Rogers; another tract adj Rogers survey where Jonathan Kethley now lives – 20 acres being part of a tract patented by George Smith; another tract adj to where Abel now lives – adj Samuel Albertson, Rogers – 190 acres part of tract of 300 acres granted to George Smith on 29 October 1782 – total of 273 acres – said Abel retaining the right of all such land during his own and his wife Mary Deal's natural life

signed by mark

WIT Elizabeth Dail, Richard Kethley

To court Jan Term 1811

Book DFTU – page 301

4 March 1811 – Stephen Gufford of Duplin to Thomas Dail of Duplin – 360 acres – 180 pds – two tracts on the drains of the Mirey and Cypress – first tract adj SS Miry, Dail of 160 acres – 2>nd tract – adj Arthur Herring, Jesse Barfield's corner now Garners, - 200 acres being patented by Bryant Brock and conveyed to him the said Gufford

WIT Wiley (x) Garner, Needham (x) Garner

Court Jan Term 1817


Deed Book 4A – pages 522, 523

1 Sept 1813 – John Jones, Senr to Cathy Deal dau of said John Jones and wife of Abel Deal all of Duplin – natural love and affection – tract – SS of the NE – adj fork of Rattlesnake Branch, Anthony Jones, John Jones, Small Branch – right to retain property for life of John Jones

WIT D. Wright, jacob Gilmore

Oct Term 1813


Book DFTU – page 276

29 Dec 1813 – Thomas Dail to Daniel Dail, his son – 100 acres for true love – tract adj run of Beaverdam, Glisson, Gufford, Jonathan Kethley

WIT Wiley Garner

July Term 1817

Book 8A – page 8

6 December 1814 – Abel Deal and Catherine Deal his wife of Duplin and John Jones of Duplin to Thomas Deal of Greene County – 100 acres for $250 – tract in Duplin – SS Rattlesnake branch, Gilmore, mouth of Anthony Jones's branch

Abel (x) Deal
Catherine (x) Deal

WIT Thomas Dail

Oct Term 1817


Book 4A – page 544

15 Jan 1814 – Thomas Dail to Daniel Glisson – 37 acres for $40. Tract – fork of Goshen and the NE – both sides of main road, Jonathan Kithley's line now said Glisson

WIT Daniel Glisson, Jr.

January Term 1814


Book 5 page 245

8 March 1815 – Abel Dail Senior and Isaac Deal his son to James Grimsley – 170 acres for $250 - tract – S of NE Marsh on both sides of Miry Branch – adj Whitfield, Deals old line, Spring Branch the 2>nd corn in 54 acres patent where said Abel and Isaac now lives and granted to Samuel Taylor, Keathleys corner, Bailey pocoson

Abel (x) Deal
Isaac (x) Deal

WIT Fred Deal

Court July Term 1815


Book DFTU – page 276

15 Dec 1815 – Thomas Dail to Curtis Dail, his son – 100 acres for love and affection – tract – head of Reedy branch, Thomas Dail

Daniel Dail

July Term 1817


Book 7A – page 371
20 Feb 1822 – Thomas Dail Sr to Thomas Dail, Jr, son – 100 acres for love and affection – excepting my own lifetime and my wife – adj Grimsley, Curtis Dail

Daniel Dail
Jesse Alphin

April Term 1822


Book 2 p 317
18 January 1826 –Bright J. Sanderson to Curtis Dail – all of Duplin - $150 for 100 acres – tract on waters of Herring Marsh being part of a patent granted to Wilkins for 240 acres

NOTE: must not have gotten page 2

Book 3B page 7
24 November 1827 – Curtis Dail to Mathew Jones – 192 acres for $400 - track – adj Miry Branch, Herrings Marsh, Daniel Keithley, Glissons patent line: another tract

Curtis (x) Dail

D. Jones
Daniel Dail

Deed Book 1-5-10 page 284

1838 – William Creech and wife Sarah to daughter Sarah Creech – Rice Ground Branch – 117 acres for natural love


Book 14-15 – page 285 –
7 October 1837 – Wm Creech and wife Sarah to Offeniel Dail and wife Esther – 125 acres plus 3 acres for one dollar – tract – Rice Ground Branch, Watery branch, Elijah Bizzell

D. Jones, Isdell Jones

And one other tract at head of Watery Branch – 3 acres

Both signed

WIT D. Jones, John Rogers

Court Oct Term 1838

Book 17 page 156

15 Dec 1842 – James Dail to Giles T. Loftin – 420 acres for $750 acres – tracts – NS Wolf Scrape Branch – adj patent granted to Thomas Taylor on 21 sept 1795, D. Taylor's old patent for 250 acres on 27 October 1782, Edmond Walker's corner, Daniel Hines, Winder –

Jas (x) Dail

J. F. Baker
Luther Loftin

April Term 1845

Book 23 page 88

January Court Term 1859 – Commissioners to divide the lands of Mary Sutton, deceased – Lot #1 to Thomas Sutton – 55 acres worth $210 – Lot #2 to Curtis Dail and wife Penny – on Reedy Branch – 64 acres and value of $210- lot # 3 to Luke Herring and wife Phereby Herring - Miry Branch – 55 acres worth $190. Lot #1 to pay Lot #3 $6.66 – Lot #2 to pay Lot #3 $6.66

Signed N. B. Whitfield, J. D. Summerton, Henry R. Kornegay, Wm Kornegay, Kinsey Jones,


Book 24 p 487

14 August 1866 – Petition for Dower – widow of Curtis Dail, dec – I JohnW. Henson, Sheriff of Duplin attended by the following jury to wit Stephen H. Simmons, J. W. Outlaw, Owen I. Waters, Geo. W. Goodson, B. H. Whitfield, Sunda Lee, Needham Southerland, William Kornegay, Jonas Smith, Hinson Jones, William Hardison & John Pearsall – laid off to Penelope Dail, widow of Curtis Dail her downer – Miry Branch – 34 acres.

All signed except Needham Southerland, H. Jones, S. Lee, and William Hardison who used a mark


Book 26 Page 52
Indenture – 25 October 1867 - - John W. Henson, Shff of Duplin to Stephen B. Dail – court order for Penelope Dail widow of Curtis Dail, dec who petitioned for Dower against the heirs at law – Thomas Hardison & wife Margaret, John Creech & wfie Matilda, Archibald B. Dail, Calvin Dail, Buckner Dail, Stephen B. Dail, Allen Dail, Catherine Summerlin, Atlas Dail (Buckner Dail, Stephen B. Dail, Lemuel Hardison & wife Caroline, defendants) for the sum of $51.82 which said sum was recovered by the said Penelope Dail in the court – there being no good & chattels to be forfited – a certain tract pf land - Miry branch, Thomas Dail – 100 acres – land put up for public sale – Stephen the high bidder at $31.19



4 June 1824 – July Term 1827 Elizabeth Dail

Cosin Mornening daugh of sister Polly Dail, 3 heads of cattle, 1 feather bed and furniture, all of my money and notes and all the rest of the property excepting my wearing clothes and them to be divided between my mother and cosin Morning Dail and my sister Susie Grady and Ann Dail

Ext Richard Kethly, Daniel Dail – they were also the WIT

According to James Hardison – he thinks she was the widow of Isaac Dail. In her will she mentioned a niece, Mourning Dail, who was the daughter of her sister Polly Dail. We know that the elderly Able Dail's wife was named Mary from some Pitt County land records. Evidently Abel and Isaac married sisters.

I am not sure I agree with this. I am more inclined to think the Polly was Polly Hardison. Susie may have been the wife of Thomas Graddy.

Will of Abel (Albert Dail) – Will Book 3 p 105 – 1821

All to wife not named
Son: Isaac

WIT Elizabeth Dail, Richard Kethley


11 March 1857 – Jan Term 1861

next eldest daughter Melilda Dail 120 acres where she now lives- next eldest daughter Clarisa Dail all lands below Mill between Mill branch and little Juniper Branch
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