This web site is for sharing information about the genealogy and history of Dobbs County. (including counties formed on those lands before and after Dobbs was abolished.) It all started with Eight Lords Proprietors who were granted a charter in 1663 from King Charles II for land in the Carolinas.

Craven County was formed out of Bath County in 1664. According to Some Colonial History of Craven County by Francis H. Cooper p. 3, Bath County consisted of "territory between Albemarle and Cape Fear." In 1705 that land was divided into Precincts with Craven being one of them.

Johnston County was formed from a part of Craven County in 1746.

Dobbs County was formed out of Johnston County on April 10, 1759. Kinston became the county seat in 1779.

Wayne County was formed in 1779 out of the western half of Dobbs County.

Dobbs County was abolished in December of 1791 and two new counties were formed.

Glasgow/Greene County was established, from part of the abolished Dobbs County on December 21, 1791. Glasgow was changed to Greene County in 1799 in honor of General Nathaniel Greene, a revolutionary war hero.

Lenoir County was the other county established on December 21, 1791 out of the old Dobbs County. Kinston became the county seat for Lenoir County.

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