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 CENSUS (Source)

DIXON          William        46   M         Merchant       1,725     North Carolina

 40  183  183 DIXON          Nancy          31   F                         North CAROLINA

USGENWEB-Marriages & Deaths (Greene Co)

Married. At Holly Grove near Greenville on Dec. 24th by Rev. John P.
DUNN of Lenoir Co., Joseph DIXON, Esq., of Greene Co. to Miss Sallie A.
E. BROWN, daughter of Capt. John S. BROWN of Pitt County. (NSWhig, Jan.
1, 1851
Married. Carr's District in Greene Co., John E. HALES to Bettie DIXON.
(WilsAdv, Feb. 8, 1884)
Died. Greene Co., Col. Joseph DIXON. (WilsAdv, Mar. 7, 1884)
Married. Carr's District in Greene Co., John E. HALES to Bettie DIXON.
(WilsAdv, Feb. 8, 1884)
Died. Greene Co., Col. Joseph DIXON. (WilsAdv, Mar. 7, 1884)
Married. Greene Co. last Tuesday [Aug. 5], Jesse W. GRAINGER, Kinston
merchant, to Miss Clara DIXON. (WilsAdv, Aug. 8, 1884)
1816 tax list
DIXON, Willis, 480 acres, $1,760, 1 white poll, 2 black poles
DIXON, John H, 337 acres, $754, 1 black pole
DIXON, Frederick, 266 3/4 acres, $534, 6 black poles,
       1 Stud Horse @ 40/.
do  Shadriah, 150 acres, $300, 1 black pole
do  Obediah, 216 acres, $432, 1 white pole, 1 black pole
do  William, 200 acres, $400, 1 white pole, 1 black pole
do  Benajah, 220 acres, $440, 1 white pole, 2 black poles
do  Kinchen, 100 acres, $200, 1 white pole, 2 black poles
do  Isham, 1 white pole
do  John, 1 white pole,
do  Patrick, 1 white pole
do  Spyers, 1 white pole
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From Misc. file on Greene Co. Genweb
From the Lee Edwards Collection....I note Miss Ima's hand in this....She
adds a Note at the bottom. I had no idea where to put this on the Greene
county page!
Excerpt from the copy-book kept by The Rev. Henry Aldridge Dixon of Greene
County, NC as a child.
Imagine a stately mansion with low windows and beautifully carved doors
double Piazzas and a pasage(sic) running through it on one side of which is
the parlor with folding doors and magnificently furnished and on the other
side is the siting (sic) room furnished to correspond, besides the smaller
appartments (sic).Tis situated on a hill which gradually sloops (sic) down
to the river where the waters ripples at our feet as if to ask our notice.
The house is surrouded by a beautiful grove with many charms to attract our
attention, each presenting a pecular hue, "the willow of a wanish gray the
poplar with silvar(sic) lined leaves the ash with arms outstretched (sic)
the elm of deeper green and still deeper the long_____oak Lord of the
wood". the house is enclosed by iron railing in the midst of which are
beautifull (sic) plots with the most beautiful specimens of flours (sic)
our country can afford which send out their delicious odor and fill the air
with a rich perfume which adds to the delights of the grove and causes the
scenery to seem more charmingly lovely. Let us now imagine ourselves
sitting upon the long piazza at sunset and the blue waters reflecting the
golden rays to our eye whole zepher (sic) sighing through the trees waft
the delightful odor of the flowers to enliven the sense. We see the little
boats gliding over the rippling waters to the shore and far in the distance
we can descern (sic) the  mast of some ship which is bringing luxuries to
us from some distant port. Just back of this mansion is a noble forest
which forms a rich canopy where birds of every kind build their nests and
visit the grove to warble their songs and cheer the inmates of the mansion
and to remind them that all happiness is not always contained in a palice
Note: the above was copied as written with errors,etc.
Henry  Aldridge Dixon was the son of Benajah Dixon 1786-1834 and Mary Hill
1792-1820. It is thought that henry Aldridge Dixon is describing "Grampion
Hills" the home of his father and grandfather, Murphrey Dixon who married
Mourning Garner. THis home was located near Hookerton on Contentnea Creek.
"Grampion Hills" was named for the natural boundary between the Scottish
Highlands and Scottish Lowlands in Scotland camed Grampion Hills, H.A. D.
is the 1/2 brother of our Richard Dixon 1812-1880 who married Mary
Barrington Sugg 1819-18999--the parents of Peninah Adeline Dixon 1848-1937
who married Drewry Aldridge Mewborn 1840-1928, Minster, CSA.
Benajah Dixon m. Mary______________. 2nd thought to be a Murphrey. H.A. D.
is a son of the 2nd marriage.
(Ima E. Mewborn)
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