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From Mrs. Annie S. Dixon, Snow Hill, R. 2, Bx.40 Copy 
March 24, 1947
Dear Cousin Louise:
Was glad to tell you what I knew about our kinspeople. Wish I could tell you more about them, but have no records. Am glad you got my letter, also glad you told me who Uncle Richard Dixon married. I never knew that any of them ever married in tIie Sugg family. I guess we are kin on both sides of the house, as my mother was a Sugg, nor do I know who any of the older Dixon married.
Have never seen any of my husband's Uncles or Aunts but William Richard. I did'nt know he was living, as I never have heard any thing about him in several years.
I hav'nt any record of Murphy Dixon or his wife, When they were married nor what her name was. He came to North Carolina and bought land from England, which the English had discovered and ruled in North Carolina, until the declaration of independance was signed, which gave the United States the right to make her own Laws and rule her own people, which was signed in 1776. I have heard the older Dixons in my father's family say.
You asked me to tell you about the Hills. I can't tell you anything about them, although my mother was kin to them. I don't have any records nor dates of their marriage or deaths. The older Hills were most all dead when I became large enough to remember. There are a few of the Hill family in Greene County but I don't know but a few of them of the younger set.
Am glad your operation was successful, hope you will soon regain your strength. I am not getting along so well. I am not able to do any thing but eat, am glad to be able to do that, but would rather be working than sitting around. I havn't any body to wait on me, but my son and his boys. My son's wife is not able to wait on herself, she has the arthritis and can't get any thing to do any good. So I have to hire help to wait on me, no hired help does not do what they should every time.
If I can find any thing about the Dixon and Hill families I will 1et you know. If my hip could get better so I could walk I would try to find something about our Kin people. Hope you are well when you get this. We will have to keep praying, to soon get well, hope you may get to see me some time.
Your cousin
 Mrs. Annie S. Dixon
 Louise P. Jones 407 E. Front St., New Bern, N. C. 
Annie S. Dixon (Family of Dixon) 
Obediah Dixon, my great grandfather was brother to your great great Grandfather Benajah Dixon, have no record of birth. Washington Dixon, my grandfather was first cousin to Benajah Dixon children.
Obedish Dixon had two sons, four daughters, his children's names were- John Dixon, no birth, no death record, never married.
Washington Dixon, my grandfather, married Mary 0rmond, three sons, four daughters, Oatsey Dixon, never married, lived to be old. Sarah Dixon, married Nathan Edwards, one son, Ben E.
(will pro. 1876)
Susan Dixon, married Colonel Nethercutt,(Colonel, war between states) had one daughter. Cora U. Nethercut, married Kornegay, dead Jan. 17, 1887 (Pitt) 
Catherine Dixon, married Lemuel Sugg, had two sons one daughter.
My father John Washington Dixon, married Mary Freeman Sugg in 1868, had three children-Annie S. Dixon married Willis Dixon 1888. Ed. D. Dixon, married Jincie Grant 1900, both dead. Corinne W. Dixon, married George Edwards 1886.
This is all I know of the family connection, as I have no records, only what their births end deaths in the Bible and they are so badly written and the Bible is so old I can't read it, hope you don't blame me for not writing sooner, but I could not, because I am very feeble. I don't have any memoirs of my family nor of my husband's family, except the old Bible. I don't lend it nor sell it, as it is the only record of any kind of the Dixon family and my children will prize it so mucb, to know it was their grandfathers.
P1eae write me when you get this if you appreciate what I have written, and tell me your father and mothers name as you may not be the family of Dixon I am thinking of. Yes, Freddie Lee Edwards and his wife are both kin to the Dixon and Ormonds. I will close as I am tired, so write and if it is so I can, may learn more of the Dixon family of Greene County. 
Mrs. Annie S. Dixon
Murphy Dixon, Great Great grand father of all the Dixon in Greene County, and surrounding counties. Emigrated from Scotland, where the Dixons originated-to England, then to Virginia and North Carolina.
I have been told by some of the older Dixons, who are now dead, and have no records whatever, except the family Bible of Benajah Dixon, who I have been told, was his son. Murphy Dixon came to North Carolina and bought land from the colonies, when the King of England ruled the territory, that the English discovered, over here before the declaration of Independence was signed in seventeen hundred and seventy six. No person was granted a tract or piece of land however small, unless the King of England granted him a paper with a wax seal, from the ruler of all properties in England, telling what part of the United States, or I should say the New Country, for the new discovered land had not been divided into states, had no officers to say what to do, but what laws the King forced on them.
The Dixons, I don't know how many, came over, but Murphrey Dixon's family certainly multiplied, for they are in most all the oounties of North Carolina and in several states of the union, as many of them have moved to other states.
I am sending you all the names of Dixon I have or know of who they married and births and deaths.
Please excuse my not answering your letter sooner, and bad writing. I don't have good health, can't see very well and in September I fell off the bed arid broke my hip, was in the hospital a month and am not so I can walk but can hobble over the house with the aid of a stick. Write when you get this to let me know what your father and mother names were, where you and they were raised.
Guess I must stop now, I can't see very well, as I am old, 77 years young. As I am a Dixon and you are too I guess we are cousins. 

Record of Benajah Dixon. 

Benajah Dixon, called Ben, son of Murphrey Dixon was born February 11th 1786, died Maroh 9, 1834.
Mary Hill, his wife, was born May 3rd. 1792, died October 23, 1820
Married June 4th. 1807
Josiab Dixon, born April 24th 1808 Died 1824
Eastber Dixon born July 4th. L809 Died 1854 Married Ormond~
Robin Dixon born March 4th. 1811 Died Married Sarah Moore 1855
Richard Dixon, Born Nov. 11th. 1812 died 1880
Nancy Dixon Born October 24th. 1814.
Peney Dixon Born November 20th. 1816
Shadriok Dixon, Born September 19th 1818 Died 1854
Mary Dawson Dixon, Born August 22 Nd. 1820 Died 1820
Benelah Dixon Jr. Born Sept. 26th. 1821 died 1834
John Murphrey Dixon Jr. Born February 17th. 1824
Henry A. Dixon Born Maroh 4th. 1826, Died 1869 Married Martha Sugg 1857.
Franklin Dixon Born April 5th. 1828
Mary Elizabeth Dixon, Born May 31st. 1830
Willis B. Dixon Sr. Born November 29th. 1832 Died 1865
Emi1y Richard Dixon, Born April 4th. 1835 died 1835
Mary Elizabeth Dixon Born October 12th. 1836
Nancy Williams Dixon Born September 14th. 1838 
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