Typed copy found in the 1948 GRC Report at the DAR Library, author unknown.


Children: Elizabeth Ann - b 12 July 1832; d 5 Mar 1851

Emely - b 17 Apr. 1825; d 4 Feb. 1885

Mary Ann Lucretia - b 9 May 1826

William Forrest - b 16 June 1827; d 23 Nov. 1885

Thomas - b 15 Nov. 1829; d 11 Apr. 11, 1902

John H. - b 16 July 1831

Family lived in Greene City (sic), NC near Hookerton. Emely married Tom Dail from near Mt. Herman

Lucretia married Tom Dail. Their children were: Macon, Ros, and George. Macon had at least three children: viz, Ora, Claud, and Dan. Ros had at least two children, viz. George Frank and Lela. Lela married N. L. McLawhorn of near New Bern, NC. George had several children, but the names of only two are known, George and Nora. They lived in Washington, NC.

William Forrest Williams first married Zeloty Hart. They had at least two children, Alexander Mott and Jesse Marcellus. Alexander married Fannie Cleve and they lived in Vanceboro, NC all their lives. Jesse (called Jetty) married Nannie McKeel and lived in or near Hookerton, NC.

William Forrest Williams married 2nd Mary Ann (Mollie) Simmons. They had four daughters: Hattie Leigh, Mattie, Lina, and Lillian.

Thomas Williams married Nancy Jane Dail, 3 Jan 1854, at her brother's Thomas Dail, about two miles from Ormondsville, NC. Children: Lula, Emma Cordelia, William, Minnie Elizabeth, Roderick Dove. Lula married Andrew Jackson, and died in childbirth a year later. Cordelia (Tede) married William Buck, and had several children viz: Ora, Joe, Thomas, Ira, William. William (this is typed just like it is found but it is not clear which William the author is talking about) married Martha Lewis. Their children were Minnie, who died in her "teens"; Van, lived in Rocky Mount, NC; Odie, lived in Greenville, NC; Chris whereabouts unknown; Alice, and Eddrie. Minnie married Milton Dail, son of Elbert Dail and a distant cousin. Their children were Lula, who married Fitzhugh Dixon, Vanceboro, NC; Vera married Robert Jones; Authur Lee married Mary Sanders of Oriental, NC; Ralph died in infancy; Lillie married Willis Rowe, New Bern, NC

Thomas Williams was born, reared and married Nancy Jane Dail in Greene County, NC. He lived near Hookerton for some time on what is now known as the Old Dick Heath Place. On May 15, 1869 he was made a deacon in the Hookerton Church of Christ and three months later was named alternate delegate to the General Conference. (From old book of Minutes in possession of C. C. Ware, Wilson, NC at the time the original of this sketch was written). He enlisted in the Confederate Army from Greene County, 1 July 1862 and served in Co. B. 63rd Regiment. Among battles he participated in was the "Battle of the Crater" at Petersburg, Virginia. Thomas Williams and Nancy Jane Dail's marriage certificate was in possession of Arthur Dail, and reads: "This Certifies that Thos. Williams and Nancy Jane Dail were by me united in marriage according to the laws of the State of North Carolina t Thos. Dail's Jan. 3, 1854".

Nancy Jane Dail Williams is buried in the old church yard about three miles north of Vanceboro on the Greenville highway. Henry Dixon is buried there also.


Born 31. Oct. 1761. Died. Married ____

Children: Winneford, Rebecca, Vicie Ann, Nancy, and Rickey.

Winneford (or Winnie) was born 25 Sept, 1791; died October 15, 1855; married Dove M. Williams

Rebecca was the mother of Lemuel Forrest.

Vicie Ann married Capt. John Frizelle who were the ancestors of Judge Paul Frizzelle, Snow Hill, NC and of Dr. Mark Frizzelle, Ayden, NC.

Nancy presumbly married a Simmons (Jimmie Simmons) One of the girls married him, and it is thought it was Nancy.

Rickey is thought to have been the brother of the Forrest girls. His wife was named "Alice"; they had no chidlren.

William Forrest owned extensive lands in Greene County and was said to have had many slaves. When his daughters married, he gave a number of slaves to each of them.


Hattie Leigh William: Unmarried

Mattie Elizabeth Williams - md Thaddeus B. Parham, 6 June 1894, in M. E. Church, Oxford, NC

Lina Billie Williams: md A. Mrvin Turner at William Hook's home near Fremont, NC

Lillian Frances Williams: md Shelley Frontis, DDS, on Tuesday, 31 Dec. 1901, in the Methodist Church, Fremont, NC


From the Freewill Baptist Publishing Co., Ayden, NC it was found that Dove and Winneford Williams were members of the church of Christ at Hookerton about 1850, rather they were members of the church at Hookerton about 1820 that became the Church of Christ around 1850

PENSION RECORD OF WILLIAM FORREST - R evolutionary Soldier. Pension File S. 8512

Date and place of birth not shown; however, his application for pension, veteran stated he was then 72 years of age. Application dated 13 August 1833.

Veteran stated that he enlisted at Kinston, Dobbs County, NC but residence at enlistment not shown. Date of application he was residing in Greene County, NC.

Veteran stated he enlisted 17 September 1778 a private in NC line under Thomas Shoot and Colonel William Caswell; that he was in the Battle of Brier Creek; that he enlisted about August 1780 and served about six months as private in the NC line under Captain William George and Colonel John Spicer.

Pension Certificate 23890 was issued under the Act of 7 June 1832 and was paid at the NC Agency



North Carolina, New Bern District No 253. This may certify that William Forrest of Dobbs County was allowed the sum of twelve shillings and six pence in species for sundries, as per account and rendered and filed this 6th day of January, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two. James Coor John Hawks

Tho. Coor, Clk (From NC State Dept of Archives and History, Treasurer's Office Papers)


The following is an exact copy of certain entries in the old DOVE M. WILLIAMS Bible - in 1948 this was in the possession of Van Williams of Rocky Mount, NC.

William Forrest born Oct. 31, 1761

Winney Forrest Williams born Sept. 1791

Thomas Williams, son of Dove M. Williams and Winney Williams his wife born Nov. 15, 1829


The following is a copy of inscriptions on tomb stones in the old Butler church yard three miles north of Vanceboro, NC on highway 43.

Thomas Williams, born Nov. 15, 1829 - died April 11, 1902
Jane (Dail) Williams born Apr. 8, 1829, died Sept.21, 1901
They are buried side by side



In places it appears there are additional notes not found in the Bible and this is probably not an exact transcription. This Bible was located in Tarboro, NC in 1948 and owned by Mrs. Lydia Bailey. The only information available from the Title Page is the publication date - 1849.

William Forrest b 31 Oct. 1761

Winney William b 25 Sept. 1791

Elizabeth Ann Williams b 12 July 1823

Emely Williams b 17 April 1825

Mary Ann Lucretia Williams b 9 May 1826

William Forrest Williams b 16 June 1827

Thomas Williams b 15 Nov. 1829

John H. William b 16 July 1831

Elizabeth Williams d 5 March 1851

Martha Churchill d June 12, 1853 (Member of Church of Christ at Hookerton, NC)

William Forrest Williams, son of Dove M. William & Winiford his wife, born June 16, 1827

Zeloty Williams, daughter of Jesse Hart and Mary, his wife was born April 20, 1832

Jesse Marcellus Williams, son of Wm. F. Williams & Zeloty, his wife, was Born Dec. 13, 1854

Wm. F. Williams & Zeloty Hart married Feb. 28, 1854

Winneford Williams, died Oct. 15, 1855

Emely Dail, died 4 Feb. 1883

Wm. F. Williams, died 25 Nov. 1885

John Pate, son of Joseph Pate and Elizabeth Pate, his wife, born Sept. 22, 1783

Giddel Pate, born Aug. 7, 1786

Elizabeth Pate, born Feb. 21, 1788

Wm. Pate, born Feb. 22, 1790

Jack Pate, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Pate, his wife, born Aug. 4, 1794

Nancy Pate, born June 4, 1794

Sarah Pate, born Dec 22, 1796

Mary Ann Pate, born Feb. 24, 1799

Marthey Pate, born July 19, 1803

Warren, a negro boy, born 9 April 1810

Sory, a negro girl, born Jan. 1821

Daniel, a negro boy, born Dec 1835

Sory, a negro girl, born Oct. 1849

Rose, a negro girl, born Aug. 1851

Charles, a negro boy, was born (date torn off)

W. T. Williams & Martha W. Lewis married Oct. 2, 1877

Nancy Jane Williams born April 8, 1829, died Sept. 21, 1901 (grave marker)

Thos. Williams, born Nov. 19, 1829, d April 11, 1902

Mrs. J. K. Brothers, Jr. (Minnie Elizabeth)

Josephus L. Forrest married Sabra Buck. His father was Barrom Forrest, married Rebecca Garris. His father was Lemuel Forrest, married Betsy Hart.

Elizabeth Hart Forrest born Nov. 25, 1822, died Sept. 15, 1902

Jesse Thomas Forrest, born Jan. 15, 1847, died May 23, 1895

Wm. Forrest, born Feb. 9, 1848

Barrom Forrest, born Sept. 19, 1849

Ephraim Forrest, born Jan 12, 1850

Mary Ann Forrest, born May 17, 1851

The above five children was born to Lemuel and Elizabeth Hart Forrest



B 16 June 1827; d 23 Nov. 1885 md 1st Zeloty Hart 18 Feb. 1854. Married 2nd Mary Ann Simmons whose parents were henry Carl Simmons and Juanita Garin (?) Simmons, 1873.

Their children:
Hattie Leigh - b 10 Apr 1874

Mattie Elizabeth - b 11 Oct 1875

Salina Billie - b 15 Aug. 1878

Lillian Frances - b 25 June 1882

Hattie and Mattie were born on home place near Hookerton, Greene Co. Lina and Lillian were born in Vanceboro, Craven Co, NC

William Forrest Williams (1827 - 1885) served in the Confederate Army in the War Between the States, in Co. C, 67th Regiment, NC for four years. Discharged in April 1865. He was wounded in the shoulder defending a bridge near Newbern, NC and suffered from it as long as he lived.



Daughter of Theophilus and Elizabeth Dail. (This record is in Bible owned by Mrs. Blaney Speight, Stantonsburg, NC)

Nancy Jane Dail was born 8 April 1829; died 21 September 1901

Married - Thomas Williams

Children - Roderick Dove, Lula, Emma Cordelia (called Tede), Williams, Minnie Eliza



Married Elizabeth who died Dec. 9, 1852 (record in above named Bible)

Children: Theophilus, Thomas, Nancy Jane, Eliza and Joe.

Theophilus, called Offie - no record

Thomas married Lucretia Williams and after her death he married Emily Lyons.

Jane Married Thomas Williams

Eliza married Blaney Speight, and had many children. One grandson, Blaney Speight lived in Stantonsburg, NC. His wife Mollie was another grandchild.

Joe's grandson lived near Blaney Speight near Ormondsville and Maury, NC.

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