James Hardison Family  


The late James Hardison did the research on this early line of the Hardison many years ago and many of us have added to it down our own lines. The earliest generations are not yet on the database and will be posted later. Mr. Hardison stated that circumstantial evidence indicated the line went --Jasper I, Jasper II, Jasper III, James. The generation between Jasper III and James is highly circumstantial.

A lack of records has made it impossible to document this family so much of it is circumstantial or family tradition. Mary (Polly) Dail Hardison stated her husband died in Wayne County but no estate records have been found nor any indication of land ownership either in Duplin or Lenoir. William received a land bounty for his service in the War of 812 but we have not been able to trace that land and it is highly unlikely it was in NC. What land their assumed son, Thomas Hardison, may have owned has been lost in the burned records of Lenoir County. One census listed him as an overseer so he may not have owned any land.

Without question this is a colorful family for several generations.

Anyone with additional information is invited to post their lines. I have tried to delete those lines that others have worked on as they have additional information.

James HARDISON Family

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