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Cordelia "Dilly" Harper - Daughter of Alexander2 and Courtney Coward

My great-great grandmother, Cordelia Harper Rasberry, was omitted from the list of children of Alexander Harper and Courtney Coward. I submit to you the following information on Cordelia Harper Rasberry for addition to your website. I am also including biographical information on each of Cordelia's children.

Known Children of Alexander Harper2 and Courtney Coward were as follows:

i. Francis Harper (as listed on site)
ii. Alexander Harper III (as listed on site)
iii. P/Saga Harper(as listed), a daughter born June 24, 180_ (Dr. Ed Rasberry Bible)
iv. Edward Harper (as listed on site)
v. Cordelia ("Dilly") Harper, born circa 1806 in Greene County, North Carolina, married Ben Rasberry of Greene County in abt. 1824.
vi. Courtney J. Harper (as listed on site)
Cordelia (Dilly) Harper was the daughter of Alexander Harper and his wife, Courtney Harper. (Dr. Ed Rasberry's Lineage Chart
in possession of Judi Rasberry Gettier of VA Beach, VA)



on November 19, 1870, for $2500, undivided tract of 75 acres of land, jointly owned by said Cordelia Rasberry, deceased, and the heirs of
Rebecca Harper, Edward Harper, and Courtney (Harper) Jenkins, being 5/8 of the of the whole tract of land, this land adjoining the lands of
Courtney Jenkins, Tuton, and Gardner Jones.


Cordelia Harper married Benjamin Rasberry, of Greene County, in abt. 1824. Benjamin Rasberry (born abt. 1799-died abt. 1869) was the son of Joseph
Rasberry (born 1770-75, died July 1854) and his 1st wife, Mary Smith.

(Dr. Ed Rasberry Lineage Chart, GREENE CO.-RASBERRY VS. PORTER ET AL, 1836, U.S. Census)


GREENE CO. NC DEED, February 21, 1854: Martha Williams and others to Benjamin Rasberry, land on Sandy Run, beginning on Benjamin Rasberry's corner
on Earl of Granville's line, 12 acres more or less, for $129. 90. Witnesses: John W. Rasberry and William W. Harper


GREENE CO, NC DEED, Dec. 01, 1870 Whereas a petition was filed in Spring Term 1869 by Edward Carman, Administrator of the estate of Benjamin Rasberry,
deceased, for sale of a portion of land of said Benjamin Rasberry estate, 275 acres, more or less, was hereby sold on February 07, 1870 for $2500, land on the north side
of Sandy Run Swamp, 1 graveyard excepted.. Witness: Edwin A. Rasberry


Benjamin Rasberry died by 1869 (GREENE CO. Estate Records of Edward Carman, Administrator of estate of Benjamin Rasberry, deceased)


Cordelia Harper Rasberry died by 1870 (GREENE CO. Estate Records of William A Darden, Jr., Administrator of estate of Cordelia Rasberry, deceased)


Known Children of Cordelia Harper (Alexander2, Alexander1) and Benjamin Rasberry:


i. Mary Rasberry, born 1825-1829, died September, 182_ (Ed Rasberry Bible)

ii. Margaret Rasberry, born circa 1830

iii. Nancy Ann Rasberry, born April, 1832, married abt. 1855 to William H. Britt. Died after June, 1900 (NC Death Certificates of her sons, U.S.Censuses)

Children of Nancy Ann Rasberry (Cordelia3 Harper, Alexander2, Alexander1) and William H. Britt:
  • Susan A. Britt, born Sept. 1855 (U.S. Census of 1900)
  • John Benjamin Britt, born July 07, 1857, married Emma Dail. Died Aug. 28, 1916, buried in Snow Hill, NC. (NC Death Certificates)
  • Midian Britt, born abt. 1859
  • Robert D. Britt, born October 28, 1860, married Hattie Cornelia Suggs in abt. 1888. Died Jan. 03, 1917 (NC Death Certificates, U.S. Census)
  • Gray Britt, born abt. 1862
  • Henry Britt, born abt 1864
iv. Alexander Joseph Rasberry, born circa 1835, married Cordelia Carmon Lyons in abt. 1857, daughter of Hannah Jackson Carman and Joseph (?) Lyons.
Died June 18, 1888, in Kinston, NC    (Obit., "Kinston Free Press", June 21, 1888, US Census)
Children of Alexander Joseph Rasberry (Cordelia3 Harper, Alexander2, Alexander1) and Cordelia Carmen Lyons
  • Hannah Cornelia Rasberry, born c. 1858
  • Olivia C. Rasberry, born Feb. 12, 1860. Married William Franklin Phillips at home of A. J. Rasberry on Dec. 08, 1880. Died Sept. 20, 1886, buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Lenoir Co. (Phillips Family Bible, Tombstone record)
  • Davis Alexander Rasberry, born Jan. 19, 1861. Died Dec. 05, 1896, buried in Rasberry Cemetery, Kinston, NC (Tombstone record)
  • Henry Jackson Rasberry, born Dec. 27, 1862, married Annie Frances Cason. Died Oct. 27, 1914, buried in Dixon Cemetery in Greene Co., reinterred in Forrest Hill Cemetery, Farmville, NC (U.S. Census of 1880, NC Death Certificate, Tombstone record)
  • William O. Rasberry, born July 26, 1872. Married Annie McCotter on May 01, 1893, died Aug. 31, 1944. Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Kinston, NC (Obit., "Kinston Daily Free Press," Sept. 1, 1944, Tombstone record)
  • Minnie Agnes Rasberry, born Oct.09, 1873, died March 11, 1897, buried in Rasberry Cemetery, Kinston, NC (Tombstone record).
  • Ella Carmon Rasberry, born Oct. 12, 1877. Died Feb 06, 1944, buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Lenoir Co., NC (NC Death Certificate, Tombstone record)
v. Harriet A. M. Rasberry, born August 02, 1836, married William Whitley, son of Jordan and Rachel Whitley, in abt. 1857. After William's death in the
Civil War on June 15, 1865, she remarried in abt. 1866 to John B. Sylivant. She died in Greene Co. on August 03, 1873, buried in Whitley Family
Cemetery, reinterred in Greenlawn Cemetery, Greenville, NC. (Tombstone records, U.S. Censuses)
Children of Harriet A. M. Rasberry (Cordelia3 Harper, Alexander2, Alexander1) and John B. Sylivant, Greene Co., NC
  • Ida Sylivant, born July 24, 1867. Died Nov. 02, 1868, buried in Sylivant Cemetery in Greene Co. (Tombstone record)
  • John Sylivant, born Oct. 10, 1868. Died Oct., 11, 1868, buried in Sylivant Cemetery in Greene Co. (Tombstone record)
  • Harriett ("Hattie") Sylivant, born May 16, 1871. Married to William H. White, a Pitt Co. merchant, on Feb. 24, 1892. Died Sept. 3, 1939 in Pitt Co., buried in Cherry Hill Cemetery, Greenville, NC (U. S. Censuses, NC Death Certificate)
  • Unnamed Daugher- Born and died on August 3, 1873. Buried with mother in Whitley Family Cemetery, reinterred in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenville, NC. (Tombstone record)

Children of Harriet A. M. Rasberry (Cordelia3 Harper, Alexander2, Alexander1) and William Whitley

  • Nancy Ann Cordelia Whitley, born June 03, 1858. Married James William Ormond by Nov. 1875. Died July 28, 1918 in Greene Co. Buried in Whitley Cemetery in Greene Co., later reinterred in Greenwood Cemetery in Pitt Co., NC (Tombstone record, Greene Co. Probate Court, Nov. 10, 1875, Division of Whitley Place, James Ormond Copy Book)
  • Lula Susan Whitley, born Aug. 23, 1862. Married Louis Allen Mayo on Dec. 22, 1886 at the home of Sally Rasberry Dixon in Greene Co. Died Sept. 16, 1918. Buried in Mayo Cemetery in Pitt Co., NC, reinterred in Greenwood Cemetery in Greenville, NC (Tombstone record, Greene Co. Marriage Certificate, NC Death Certificate)

vi. Martha A. C. Rasberry, born circa 1846

vii. Lucetta (Frances) Rasberry, born circa 1849. (Was living with her sister Harriet Whitley Sylivant in the 1870 Census, after the death of her parents)

viii. Benjamin Rasberry, born circa 1852 (Was living with William Darden in the 1870 Census, after the death of his parents)

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