Hill Family  

Contributed by Martha Mewborn Marble

Notes on the Richard and Francis Hill Family of Craven, Dobbs and Lenoir counties, NC

This short paper is just as stated above - NOTES on the Hill Family. It is not meant to be a history due to the lack of documentation. This paper is meant to be a companion to Sue Johnson Rouse's splendid book "Weaving of the Hill" which starts with Richard and Mary Hill bc l755-60.

This complier comes down this line through Richard and Mary Rouse Hill; their son Alexander and his wife Finette Rouse, daughter of Jonathan and Catherine Hardee Rouse; their son Richard Croom and his wife Martha Ann Nunn, daughter of Redding and Zeolta Nunn; their daughter Ada and her lst husband Needham Moore Phillips, son of Drury and Martha Jan Elizabeth Moore; and their daughter Susie Moore Phillips and her husband Ronald Earl Mewborn, Sr. who were the grandparents of the compiler.

This is full of guesswork, but maybe someone will see it and have in their possession something that will prove or disprove a generation.

There is only one Will for this family between l709 when Richard and Francis Hill appear to arrive in N.C. until c l790. I can't find any early Deeds for Craven County especially during the period from l7l5 and l739. The Indian Wars were during this period and everything burned. No one seems to know what happened to the Records after the Wars until Deed Book I which starts c l739. Some of the early Craven County information can be found in Beaufort Deed Book I and 2, but there is nothing on the Hills. The Clerks of the Court in Craven County rarely put down former owners or any genealogical information in Deeds as they did in Pitt County. Of course, all the Records for Dobbs and Lenoir Counties were burned. To my knowledge there are no Bible Records earlier than the Alexander Hill Bible. The Hill men did not give their sons land by Deed. Put all this together and there is not a whole lot to go on.

Let me encourage anyone who has a different theory than stated here on generations to please let me know.

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