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Introduction to the Mewborn Family Collection

The late Ima Mewborn was well known as one of the finest researchers in Eastern North Carolina and much of her research has been given to Heritage Place, Lenoir County Community College, Kinston, NC.

Ima was also the Mewborn Family historian and her work on this family is a little unique from her other research. There are 72 notebooks at Heritage Place on the descendants of Parrott Mewborn I and his wife Lydia Hardy. This is a compiled project with many descendants providing information to Ima and much of it was collected at the annual reunions held each April at Mewborn's PB Church near Jason, Greene County. In some cases, there is no proof except family tradition. The notebooks have numerous clippings including obits, wedding write ups and anything pertaining to this family from newspapers in the eastern part of the state. The scope of the books is overwhelming.

There is a rich tradition of family history in this family especially down the Parrott Jr line. Joshua Parrott Mewborn, dec, a grandson of Parrott 11, was extremely interested and did much on the early family. He imparted this information to his nephew, Joshua Mewborn dec, who was Clerk of Greene County Court for many years. Joshua Mewborn, during his lifetime, knew the roots of most of the old families of Greene County and he handed down that information to his son J. M. Mewborn. Elder J. M. Mewborn has all the old issues of Zion's Landmark, which contain numerous Obits for the family. Elder Mewborn also has the old Parrott Mewborn Bible, the old Mewborn Church Records, and numerous original documents related to the family. It is the intention of Elder Mewborn to deposit all of these records in a public library or libraries at some point in time.

There is also the Collection of Stella Mewborn at Heritage Place, which has not been catalogued at this point.

Martha Mewborn Marble, taking two years of solid work, which indicates the amount of data collected, placed all of the appropriate data from the notebooks on a database. A copy of the database is located at Heritage Place and will be updated as new information becomes available.

A number of descendants have done databases from original research for their own lines including Patty Day, F. Lee Edwards, dec and Martha Mewborn Marble. So many people have done research on allied families it is almost impossible to name all of them - Francis Hodges, Julia Moseley Combs and Egbert Rouse to name a few. Linda Harmon spent a great deal of time typing up most of the obits from Zion's Landmark and the Mewborn Church Records but most of those records are in the non posted lines. Her assistance is greatly appreciated. Permission has been requested from the copyright owner to post those obits together in one file especially from Zion's Landmark but that permission has not been given.

Although Ima gave permission to use this database for the good of the public, some of her close family has requested it not be posted in total at this point. That request is being honored; however, where the same research has been conducted by others, that information is being posted. Without question there are still entries within what is being posted that came from Ima's work. Also, because this family intermarried so much there are numerous people on the posted lines who are members of non posted lines.

The lines of Levi, Lemuel Hardy and Hardy are being posted. Some of the line of Edith who married John Gray is already posted by Patty Day. The lines of Elizabeth who married Major John Hardee and Lydia who married Bright Hardee can be found under the Hardee Joint Project. The lines of Parrott II and Annie and Martha both of who married Lemuel Hardy III are not being posted at this time. Those are the three largest lines. There are numerous Bibles on the Greene County Archives for this family.

The task of trying to keep up with the current deaths and births has fallen to me but that does not include cutting clippings. Nor do I know the names like Ima did so obits only come from the Free Press if they make it online and ones sent to me from other local papers. The generations used to live in the same place but today they are becoming scattered which makes it almost impossible to keep the database current. No doubt Ima would have managed.

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