Faison, Moseley, Herring, Hollingsworth  

NC DAR GRC Vol. 117
Found at the DAR Library in Washington, DC, and posted with permission of the library.
Family Notes of William Faison and wife, Susan Moseley who lived near Turkey, North Carolina
These notes are taken from an old order book, written on the back of the order blanks. The order blanks are from Manhatten Cloak and Suit Co, 307. 309, 311 Canal Street, New York, and dated 188-
This indicates that the notes were written about 1890. The notes are written with pencil. The book is in the possession of Mr. Benjamin Grady, Washington, DC
John Herring born 1684, died 1760
Joshua Herring, born Nov. 23, 1723, died April 1801 at Moseley Hall. He was a Baptist minister. Was large and over 6 feet tall. Kind and affectionate.
Elizabeth Matchett wife of Joshua Herring, a native of County Downs, Ireland, born 1725, died 1786
Elizabeth Herring daughter of Joshua Herring and wife, Elizabeth Matchett, was born Sept. 15th 1762. Married Matthew Moseley Jan 14, 1783. Died Oct 4th 1812
NOTE: This marriage is proven through existing deeds. mmm
Susan Moseley daughter of Matthew Moseley and Elizabeth Herring. Born Jan 13th 1799 Married Wm. Faison Feb 3rd 1814 - died June 1st 1860
Wm. A. Faison son of Wm. Faison & Susan Moseley, Born Nov 24th 1821 Married Hattie C. Williams Jan 6th 1848. Died Dec 31st 1903
Copy Genealogy from H. Book beginning with Valentine H had 11 children
Henry H.(Hollingsworth) son of V. H. & CC - Born 16-- Died at Elkton, Md 1721 Married Elizabeth Atkinson of Ireland 8th month 22 d 1688
Stephen H son of H. H. & E. A.. Born --- Married Annie --- lived in Cecil County, Md after 1734 Orange Co, Va
Henry H. son of Stephen H & Annie, was living in Duplin Co, NC in 1764. Married Mary Murrah
Children of Henry H. (Hollingsworth) and Mary Murrah
Nancy married Wright
James married Betsey Merritt
Henry married Betsey Griggs
Zebulon married Elizabeth Chesnutt
Elizabeth married Alexander Chesnutt
Mary born Sept 17th 1753 Married Jas Faison Died Sept 19th 1822
Charity married Cannon Caison
Sarah married David Chesnutt
Lydia married Hardy Carroll
Wm Faison son of Jas. F. and Mary Hollingsworth born Aug 29, 1791
Married Susan Moseley Feb. 8th 1814. Died Sept 7th 1857
W. A. Faison son of Wm Faison & Susan Moseley
Tully Moseley was a native of Holland. Was born Jan 4th AD 1711 Died Oct 2nd AD 1776
Miriam Shipp wife of Tully Moseley was a native of Va. Born 1737 Died Apr 1756
Matthew Moseley son of Tully M. & M. Shipp Born in Princess Ann County Va Nov 9th 1755. Came to NC Dobbs Co Jan 22 1777. Married Elizabeth Herring January 14th 1783. Was married by Abram Baker Minister of the Baptist Society. Died at Moseley Hall, NC, Oct 26th AD 1820
Matthew Moseley was remarkable for his honesty, sobriety, industry & moral virtues generally.
Children of Matthew Moseley & wife Elizabeth Herring
1. Sally Moseley daughter of M. Moseley & wife E. Herring. Born on Monday the 8th of Dec 1783 and departed this life on Tuesday the 23rd of Jan 1784
2. Alexander Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. Born Tuesday the 14th of Dec 1784, about noon. Was baptized November 14th 1830 and ordained to the Baptist ministry May 1834. Died in Fla Feb 4th 1845. Married Jannett Whitfield
3. Jonathan Moseley son of M. M & E. Herring was born Monday morning July 2nd 1787. Died April 17th 1862 in NC. Married Dorcas Garland
4. Joshua Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. Born on Monday Dec 6th 1790. Died in NC Oct 1861, Married Sally Bryant
5. Polly Moseley daughter of M. M. & wife E. H Born Saturday the 6th day of April 1792 early in the morning, Died in La. Dec 24th 1843. Married Hatch & Taylor
6. Wm. D. Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. Born Saturday night the 1st day of Feb. 1795. A seniter in the Legislatur of NC from 1829 to 1838. Elected first Gov of Fla 1845. Died at Palatka Fla Jan 2nd 1863. Married Susan Hill
7. Elizabeth Moseley daughter of M. M. & wife E. H. Born Tuesday night March 13th 1797 Died in NC June 25th 1820. Never married
8. Susan Moseley daughter of M. M. & E. H. Born on Sunday the 13th day of Jan 1799 Died in NC on Friday June 1st 1860. Joined the Presbyterian church "Shiloh" Sampson Co July 21st 1850. Baptized by Rev. Colin Shaw. Married Wm. Faison
9. Miriam Moseley daughter of M. M & wife E. H. Born March 27th 1801. Died in NC Feb. 8, 1872. Married 1st - -----Frederick & then G. Thompson
10. Matthew Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. Born Jan 1803. Died Dec. 11th 1803
11. Maria Moseley daughter of M. M. & wife E. H.. Born Jan 10th 1805. Died in NC July 3rd 1850. Joined the Presbyterian Church "Shiloh" Sampson County April 28th 1850. Baptized by Rev. Malcolm Conoly. Married Thos J. Faison
NOTE: The above information appears to have come from a Bible. It is not clear about the below or if it is compiled information (mmm)
Continuation of the lines of the above
Alexander Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. married Jeanette Whitfield and had two sons William and Lewis
Jonithen Moseley son of M. M. & E. H. Married Dorcas Garland Died April 17th 1862
Had ten sons and four daughters
James married Sarah Hobbs
Richard never married
Adolphus married Lou Pearsall
William. George married Martha Matthis
Robert married Mary Peden
Julia married ____ Fennell
Sally married T. M. Lee
Ssusan married L. C. Nutt
Mary married Warren Johnson
Joshua Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. married Sally Bryant
Died in NC Oct 1861
Had three daughters and two sons
Algernon born married Kate Strong
Boaz never married
Sally never married
Lucy married 1st Pipkin & 2nd Burbank
Bette married Isaac Weston
Polly Moseley daughter of M. M. & E. H.. Married 1st ----Hatch and had two children Charles and Sally
Married 2nd ___ Taylor and had three children
William married Elizabeth Grice
Wm. Dunn Moseley son of M. M. & wife E. H. Married Susan Hill May 23rd 1822. Had six children
William - married Susan Hill
Susan married Joseph Hussen
Elizabeth married Judge Haughton - issue
Alice married Dr. M -----
Alexander married Molly Moseley and had children Rachel who md Walter Collins and Alexander Jr.
Miriam Moseley daughter of M. M. & E. H. married 1st James Frederick and had one child - Betsey James md Chas Henry
Md 2nd Isiah Thompson
Children - Wm. J. married Ann Th----
Charles H. - married Kate King
Mary - married John Bowden
Julia - married __- Currie
Susan - never married
Eliza - never married
Cornelia - married Thom King
Maria Moseley daughter of M. M. & wife E. Herring Married Thos J. Faison
Julian married Hal Newkirk
Elizabeth married Jesse Smith
Maria Louise married Lewis Whitfield
Mary Annie marriedd Dunn Hufham
Octavia - married B. F. Marable
James Alexander - never married
Thomas - never married
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