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4 July 1996

In November 1995 at Heritage Place at Lenoir Community College, some papers found in an old trunk bought at an estate sale were donated. I was asked to help sort thru these papers with Sue Rouse. The larger papers were separted from the smaller pieces. The second paper read was the will of Philpenah KINSEY written in 1820. This will named her former husband NOBLE as well as her eight children by him. This was important to me as I have a Hardy DAVIS said to be the son of Nancy NOBLE and Benjamin DAVIS. But I had no proof of this marriage other than family sayso. The first person mentioned in this will is the son-in-law of Philpenah KINSEY named Benjamin DAVIS. So of course I was excited. Also this will and other papers found straighten out the confusion the NOBLE's had as to their ancestor. I had been told either John or Richard or John Richard but the will and other papers prove different. I also found other papers in State Archives and elsewhere which supported this information. I had heard that this NOBLE ancestor died in the Revolutionary War. I found proof of his service.

So the following information is quoted from papers found:

Dobbs County, NC - July Court 1782 -
Upon the petition of Philpenah NOBLE widow of Philemon NOBLE, dec'd praying the Court to set a side such part of the said dec'd Estate to them shall seem proper for the support of herself & Eight Children. Ordered that the money arising from the sale of said Philemon NOBLES Estate amounting to two Hundred and Eighty five pounds & seven Shillings Species as returned by the Sheriff and also the manor plantation of the Dec'd and four Hundred Acres Adjopining and including the said plantation be set apart for the use of the said widow and Children.

State N. Carolina: I Charles WESTBROOK of Lenoir Court formerly Dobbs County do hereby certify the forgoing to be a true Record taken from the Minutes of said Court given under my hand at Linston the first day of July 1811. Signed.

So this docuement proves that Philpenah MILLER NOBLE KINSEY was the widow of Philemon NOBLE who died in 1782. Philepenah married second Joseph KINSEY.

Will of Philepenah KINSEY:
State of N. Carolina: In the name of God amen. I Philpenah KINCEY of the County of Lenoir and State aforesd being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory but thanks be to God for the same. Callzs to mind the mortably of my body and Knowing that it was appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my Last will and testament that is to say princepally and first of all I Commend my soul to the hands of the almighty God that Gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth to be direcally buried at the descretion of my Executor not doubtin but at the General Resurrection shall Recover the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such bodily estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give demuer and dispose of the same in the manner and form following: termd 1st I Give and bequeath unto my son Inlaw Benjamin DAVIS the sum of five shillings to be paid him by my Executor. termd 2nd I Give and bequeath unto my other son Inlaw Jesse BOYD four shillings to him and his heirs forever. termd 3rd it is my will and desire that all my property of Every description whatever to be sold on a credit of nine months and the money arising from the sale thereof after paying my Just debts and funeral charges to be Equally divided, among my children that I had by my first husband Phillemon NOBLE that is to sae Richard NOBLE, Wm. NOBLE, Jeremiah NOBLE, Susanna NOBLE, Lewis NOBLE, & John NOBLE dec'd and his part to be Equally divided among his heirs which money I give to them their heirs and assigns forever. Last of all I nominate Constitute and appoint my beloved son Richard NOBLE Sole Executor to this my last will and testement. In witness whereof I hereunto fix my hand and seal this 15th day of July 1820.
Philpenah (her mark) KINCEY
signed sealed in the presence of

State of N. Carolina: July Term 1820 Then was the forgoing last will and testament of Philpenah KINCY dec'd exhibited into Court and proved by the Oath of William HERRING one of the Subscribing witnessess thereto and the same was Ordered to be Recorded at the same time Richard NOBLE the executor therein named appeared and qualified therefore letters testamentary Issue accordingly. C. WESTBROOK

I do hereby certify the within to be and certain a true copy of the last will and testament of Philpenah KINCY dec'd and given under my hand at my office the 24 Feb'r 1822. signed C. Westbrook CC.

After Philemon NOBLE died, Philpenah NOBLE married in 1795 to Joseph KINCY.

Their marriage bond is as follows:

The State of North Carolina:
To any Regular Licenced Minister of the Gospel or Justice of the Peace for and written the County of Lenoir County Greeting You or either of you are hereby Authorized and required to Celebrate and Solemnize the rights of Marriage Between Joseph KINSEY and Mrs. Philpena NOBLES and to Join them together as man and Wife in the Holy Estate of Matrimony, bond having been entered into in the Clerk Office of Lenoir County agreeable to Law. Witness Winston CASWELL Clerk of our said Court at Kinston the 8th Day of June A. D. 1795.
Signed: W'n CASWELL

Will of Joseph KINCY:

North Carolina} In the Name of God Amin. I Joseph Kinsey of the County and State Jones County} aforesaid Blacksmith being in good health of Body and perfect memory of mind - Do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form Following to wit: Viz. As touching such wordly Estate as it hath pleased God to Bless me with I will and bequeath in manner and form following - Imprimus I will and Bequeath to my Beloved wife Philpenah KINSEY, one feather bed & stead with the Other furniture belonging thereto - Also another Bed and furniture that hath no stead, One Table, One Chest, One Case & Bottles, One old wooling wheel, One washing tub, one tub for holding flour, one for Soap, and one for Salting meat, one Water pail and two piggins, one pair of Cotton Cards, ane small pewter dish and half gallon Bason, one candlestick, one set of Cups and saucers, and three tea pots, one pitcher, one pepper Box, one stone Jug hold two gallons, one prayer Book, one case of Knives & forks & six Earthen plates, one Iron pot & hooks, Also one mare named Tibb Bridle and womans sadle and horse fleems, also one four year old steer, two cows and yearlings, and one two year old heifer, Also another lot Runing at Lewis NOBLES, that is, one Cow with calf one three year old Heifer with calf, and one yearling, and all my stock of sheep and one sow and six pigs, and six year old hogs, also I leave my stock of Bees this above to her and her heirs and assigns fore'v.
Item, I Will and Bequeath to my youngest Joseph KINSEY all my Blacksmiths tools Item, I Will that all the Rest of my property of Each and Every kind and thing be sold and all my Just Debts paid, and Forty Dollars paid to my son Jesse KINSEY - And then an Equal Division made of the other Money, Notes, and accomplis thar are due me, that is Between my Children Easter, Alice, Marian, Caelia, John Jesse, & Joseph, I likewise constitue make and ordain John KINSEY and Joseph KINSEY the sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament and i hereby utterly disallow, Revoke, and disannul, all and every other former Wills by me in any wise named before Ratifying, and Confirming this and no other to be my my Last Will & Testament - In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal, this 31st day of January 1807.
Joseph (his I mark) KINSEY SEAl

Signed Sealed and acknowledged in presence of us
and in presence of each other have set our names:

State of No. Carolina
Jones County Court February Term 1816
Then was the above Will of Joseph KINSEY dec'd proved in open Court by the Oath of Isaac BROWN one of the subscribing Witnesses thereto and at the same time Joseph KINSEY one of the Executors therin named Qualified as such -
Ordered that Letters Testamentory issue according.
Recorded in Will Book B Page 33 Jones County.
Account of Sale of the property Philpenah KINSEY dec'd July the 27th 1821:

Jesse NOBLE - To 1 hoe - 11 cents
Dempsey TAYLOR - 1 flat bottle - 10 cents
Jesse NOBLE - 1 Axe - 20 cents
Chloe BARNET - 3 Snuff bottles - 10 cents
Demey TAYLOR - 1 Pot - 60
John HEATH - 4 Vials - 20
John HEATH - 1 Pot - 1.26
Jeremiah NOBLE - 1 Case of bottles - 2.05
Richard NOBLE - 1 Pot & Spicer - 5cents
Evan NOBLE - 1 Pair of cissors - 10
Richard NOBLE - 1Pot Tramel - 21
Dimeah RANDAL - 1 Looking Glass - 1.00
John L. GRAY - 3 Punch bowls - 15
Richard NOBLE - 1 Jug - 12
Jesse PHILIPS - 3 bowls - 20
Mathew HILL - 1 Table - 10
John L. GRAY - 3 bowls - 8
Dempsey TAYLOR - 1Box Table - 1.00
Sally DAVIS - 1/2 Dozen plates - 30
John L. GRAY - 1 Woolen wheel - 1.30
Zadoc COX - 3 plates - 25
Laaban HERRING - 2 Pair of Chare - 67
William HERRING - 2 Tea pots &
John L. GRAY - 1 pail - 20 pepper box - 55
Richard NOBLE - 1 piggan - 16
Richard NOBLE - to Cream Pots & etc -22
John L. GRAY - 1 Tub - 40
Richard NOBLE - Tea Cups & saucers - 17
Richard NOBLE - 2 Fat Tubs - 15
Richard NOBLE - Sugar Dish & bread
Richard NOBLE - 1 Big Tray - 6 basket - 20
William MILLER - 1 Tray - 5
William HERRING - 7 Tea spoons - 13
Richard NOBLE - 1 Tray - 5
William HERRING - 1 Mug - 27
Laban HERRING - 1 Meal tub -31
Zadoc COX - 1 Lot of Pewter - 1.50
Richard NOBLE - 1 Dye tub - 6
John HEATH - 1 Case knives & forks -51
Nancy NOBLE - 1 Cherm of Rice - 51
Jesse NOBLE - Flesh forks - 13
Richard NOBLE - 1 Stand - 26
Jermiah NOBLE - Candles & Candle Stick -15
Richard NOBLE - 1 Meal gum -31
Richard NOBLE - 1 Salt stand & salt - 26
Zadoc COX - 1 Feather Bed and
Richard NOBLE - 1 gourd of soap - 10 furniture - 17.00
James DAVIS - 1 Real - 5
Richard NOBLE - 1 Lot of Wool - 3.00
Laban HERRING - 4 Sitting Chears -
Ambroes WHITLEDGE - 5 yds Cloth at 1.45 .41 per yd. - 2.05
Jermiah NOBLE - 6 Sitting chears - 3.55
Richard NOBLE - 1 Lot Cotton - 5
Richard NOBLE - 1 Pair of Specticles - 26
Evan NOBLE - 1 Bok - 1
Richard NOBLE - 1 Feather bed - 16.52
Nancy NOBLE - 1 Table Cloth - 40
Nancy NOBLE - 1 Sacloth - 69
Nancy NOBLE - 1 Side of Leather - 65
Richard NOBLE - 1 Side Leather - 60
Nehemiah RANDAL - 1 Shot Gun - 16.25
John HOWARD - 1 Bee hive - 70
James TINDAL - 11 head of Sheep at
Jeremiah NOBLE - 1 Sorrel mare - 60.50 78 cts per sheep - 8.58
James FLOANAND - 1 Lot of Sheep if
Joel LOFTIN - 1 Cow & yearling and ever got at 90 cts Calf - 10.00 per Sheep
William MILLER - 1 Cow & yearling -
William MILLER - 1 Cow & yearling - 7.48 7.11
Hardy MORE - 1 Cow and calf - 8.21
Silas LASITER - 1 Cow & calf - 7.26
William NOBLE - 1 lot of young cattle -
Lewis HARREL - 1 lot of young cattle 12.10 - 12.20
Jesse NOBLE - 1 Cow and calf - 7.60
Henry HEATH - 1 Cart - 14.83 - x'd out
Total sales: 206.24

I have a copy of a Survey for Philemon NOBLE as follows:

Survey'd for Philemon NOBLE a plantation containing two hundred acres of Land on the North side of Trent River in Dobbs County - No Date

Also found is a pay voucher from the New Bern District #1053 for Philemon NOBLES Jan 1783.

On a page of writing that looks like from the family Bible but of only one page is the following:

Philemon NOBEL the son of Andrew NOBEL an Mary his wife was by the Will of God born on Soundy the 25 of September in the year of our lord 1746.

Philemon NOBLE his book God give him grays therin to look

John NOBEL the son of Philemon NOBEL and Philpener his wyfe was by the grac of god born on tusday the 3d of febbrey of our lord 1767.

Richard NOBEL theis day 24d in the year of 1769.

Willame NOBEL on the thursday the 11d July of the year 1771.

Susannah NOBLE born on July the 6 day in the year of 1773.

and Lewis NOBLE on Sateday the 22d of July in the year of 1773.

and Elizabeth NOBLE was born on tuesday the 20th day of May in the year of 1777.

and Jaremiah on the 13th day of July about nine oclock in the evin in year of 1779.

From receipts in this NOBLE family collection, the following is found:

One of the NOBLE children married Rachel and had a daughter per a recipt stating such.

12 Sept 1798 - Jeremiah NOBLE recived from Richard NOBLE exec. of Philemon NOBLE his full part of his de'd father's estate.

John NOBLE and Rachel NOBLE dec'd have a son Braddock NOBLE - he gets his share on 1 Feb 1822 from his gdn. Evan WILLIAMS. Rachel NOBLE died by 1 Jany 1814. John NOBLE was dec'd by Dec 1801. Also a son Enoch NOBLE who in 29 June 1822 gets his part of Philpenah KINSEY estate being his part of John NOBLE.

William NOBLE married Nancy both dead by 3 March 1823.

One NOBLE married Catren who had daughters Elizabeth and Nancy by 1 Dec 1810 when she deeds to them money and cattle in hands of William NOBLE.

Elizabeth NOBLE married a BOYER and is dec'd by Nov 1833 her heirs are: John HOWARD $33.02, Catherine WORLEY $11, Elisha TAYLOR $11, Joseph TAYLOR 50 cents.

Benjamin DAVIS married a daughter of Philemon and Philpena NOBLE. Her birth is not on the one sheet of Bible but Philepenah names Benjamin DAVIS as her son in law. DAVIS family tradition names this daughter as Nancy NOBLE.

I hope that the above information will be of help to descendants of Philemon NOBLE and his wife Philepenah as well as to the descendants of Joseph KINSEY. Any suggestions or corrections to any of the above material please write me. If you have additional material to support any of the above, please let me know.

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