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From the Sybil Hyatt Collection, Kinston/Lenoir County Public Library, Kinston, NC. This information was compiled ca 1936.

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In 1736 or 1737, John Parker moved to Craven County, probably to a place near the section, that is now Woodington, Lenoir County. The similarity of family names indicates that he came from the Chowan section. 1757 to 1799, the names Joseph, Senas, John and Martha Parker appear. John sold land he inherited from him so he certainly was his son and the others probably were too.


Abstracts of deeds:

July 26, 1757. John Stanaland to Zenas Parker, NS of Trent. Test: John Frank, Martin Worsley

December 2, 1758. John Parker to Zanas Parker, NS of Trent next John Parker's line. Part of patent surveyed for John Parker, Nov. 26, 1737. Test: John Frank, Thomas Wood

Feb. 10, 1759. Zenas Parker to John Hudler, NS Trent, near George Carnegee's land. Test: Samuel Colvel, John Parker

Grant to. 205. Zenas Parker – Dec. 10, 1769 – 316 acres – SE side of Southwest Creek or both sides of Bug Branch. William Tryon, Gov. Platt. Surveyed May 13, 1768 for Zenas Parker with or near Tilman's line. William Ormond, surveyor. Zenas Swilley and Samuel Herring, Chain Bearers

Zenas Parker's will of August 1779 Vol XXII page 318 of Colonial Records, December 10, Returns for Craven 1736 "The List of Gentlemen Solgers" gives the names John Parker, Tenes Parker
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Jan. 5, 1799. Gabriel Parker of Lenoir, Hatter to Stephen Hearing, Lenoir, 190 pounds, 256 acres, in Lenoir, ES Big Swamp and both sides of Bug Marsh Branch, part of patten of 316 acres granted to Zenas Parker by patten bearing date the 16 Dec 1769, conveyed by Zenas Parker, dec by his last Will and Testament, bearing date August 1779. WIT Zach Davis, John Parker. Proved on oath of Zachariah Davis S. Bright Clerk. Enrolled Register's Office of Lenoir in Liber B page 59 on 13 March 1799.

It is thought that Gabriel Parker lived near the line of Duplin and Lenoir and was considered very prosperous. He was a slave holder and made silk harts and even at a recent date there were some of his hat models at the home of granddaughter, Mary Parker Miller. He served in the War of the Revolution and was wounded in the thigh in an engagement with the British at Burn Coat Bridge near Sarecta, Duplin County. He was not listed on the Census of 1790 as the head of family unless he is the Gabriel Parker listed in Johnston County. A copy of Captain Richard Piece';s list from the General Muster on October 4 ?? 1766, give the names Gabriel Parker, Martha Parker (sic)

The census of 1790 of Dobbs County, now Lenoir names the following heads of families – John Parker, Sr, John Parker, Jr., Joseph Parker, Lydia Parker and Sarah Parker.

Gabriel is known to have had three children: John, Gabriel and a daughter. Gabriel and the daughter died without issue. The son Parker died intestate in Lee County, Georgia, May 14, 1834. His inventory taken by Owen Jenkins, James Gay, William Tyson and Mitchael King amounted to $39,744. The entire estate was heired by his brother, John.


John Parker was born in 1767 and died December 22, 1843. He lived on a farm, now owned by Joshua Dawson about two and a half miles from the Woodington Church. He owned a mill, was called rich and is said to have been a very kind high-toned man. He married Angelina Loftin, daughter of Elkanah Loftin, Jr. and Ann Lovick. Her pedigree holds three "rights" to membership in the Society of Colonial Dames. She was born in 1769 and died July 1, 1840

Members of the family say that John and Parker and Angelina Loftin had children nmed Nancy, Catherine, John and William, but if they did, they were dead in 1840 because John Parker died intestate and his property was divided into six portions, Letitia (wife of John Davis), Julia, Mary, Rachel and the five children of Zenas.

Jan 26, 1844. Account of property bought for Julia Loftin at the sale of John Parker, deceased, assumed to be paid for by M. C. R. Loftin, dec, 1st sale. Amount $334.56.Paid for Oct. 21, 1846 by Oliver Hearing, Adm of Major C. R. Loftin, dec. Receipted by Daniel Miller, admr of John Parker, deceased.


Zenas Parker, Winnafred Parker, Letitia Parker, Julia Parker, Mary Parker, Rachel Parker.

A legal paper which was drawn up but never filed has been placed with the N C. Historical Commission. "The Bill of Complaint of Daniel Miller and Winifred his wife; John Davis and Letitia his wife" Ima Nunn Miller and Mary his wife, against Rachel Cox, Julia Loftin, William A. Cox executor of Owen B. Cox dec; Stephen Gooding and Louisa his wife; Nathan Parker, Nancy Parker, John Parker and William L. Parker, the four last named infants, by their guardian, Joseph R. Croom". In this paper John Parker is called Senior and it is a petition to the Court of Lenoir County, and states that the surviving administrators, John Davis and Imla Nunn Miller (Owen B. Cox, being deceased) are ready to settle the estate and are put off by part of the heirs.

Zenas Parker died in Lee County, Ga. He married Mary Davis, daughter of Benjamin Davis. She was born in 1800 and died July 6, 1892. Their children were
1. Mary Louisa Parker, born Oct. 15, 1825 and married Stephen Gooding, lived near Woodington (When I was a little girl and would be going to see my Aunt Nancy Miller to Woodington Township and we came to a certain place in the road my grandfather would point across the fields and the woods and say "Over there is where your cousin, Louize Good lives". He seemed very fond of her)

2. Nathan Zenas Parker, born November 5, 1827
3. John Gabriel Parker born February 1? 1830, died in Wayne Co
4. Nancy Ann Elizabeth Parker born February 21, 1823, died in Onslow County
5. William Loftin Parker born January 5, 1834, died in Lee County, Georgia
6. Zachariah Davis Parker born March 3, 1836, died in Georgia
7. William Loftin Parker born September 15, 1839 living in 1816 near Ambrose, Georgia


Born January 3, 1795; dide September 9, 1851; married March 11, 1813 to Daniel Miller. Lived in Lenoir County


Born May 22, 1800; married January 2, 1817 to Owen Bryant Cox who was born November 2, 1796. They lived near Tuckahoe in Jones County. Their children were

  1. Elany Ann Cox born November 15, 1817
  2. Jane Cox born December 18, 1818
  3. Gabriel P. Cox born July 2, 1820
  4. John P. Cox born August 29, 1823
  5. William B. Cox born January 6 (no year)
  6. Delila E. Cox born December 24, 1827
  7. Mary Susan Cox born December 8, 1830
  8. Julia Catherine Cox born November 29, 1835
  9. Edith Caroline Cox born January 21, 1818

Born 26 March 1804; married May 6, 1828 to Imla Nunn Miller; she died April 16, 1891. She was of unusual ability. Once she wove five yards of goods, made a dress and wore it all in the same day. She had a big gray horse and she would get on him and ride all over the plantation directing the work. She had twelve slaves in her dowry and her husband was one of the largest slave holders in the State. There was really work to do because in those days all the clothes and shoes were made on the plantations. She lived in Woodington and during the life of her husband on the "Old Place" of the Millers, which was left to her in fee simple, her husband stating in his will that she had done as much to early his property as he had done. Their children were

  1. Anderson Roscoe Miller born Mary 8, 1830; married September 19, 1857, Delia Maria Henry of Waterbury, Vermont; died July 20, 1805, Kinston, NC. He had the degrees of M.D. and D.D.S.. He served in the Confederate Army in Nethercutt's Regiment, was in the Eighth Battalion, afterwards the Sixty-sixth Regiment and later was appointed hospital steward.

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