William Phillips 1st  

JACOB WEST COLLECTION - Private Collection #1237.1 located at the North
Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC
4th ? September 1774 - Craven Co - Survey for RICHARD BLACKLEDGE - 450 acres -
Rigston Brill, Surveyor
NOTE: Mary Jane said the Gilstraps came out of Prince George Co, Va so this
might give some hint that this William was the son of Thomas and Isabelle.
l. Grants found by Howard for a William
a. Grant 37 Book No l8 p 33 - Craven County l00 Acs Issued l5 Feb l764 SS
of Neuse River
b. Grant 37 - Book l7 p 38 - l00 Acs l5 Feb l764 - joining Thomas Branton
and Solomon Smith
NOTE: This are probably the same grant as shown in Hoffman's Book - her only
additional description - was next to The Meadows
2. William Phillips to be exempted from Taxes Sept court l774 - Granted
petition signed by lots of people including Alderson and Jacob Phillips another
document said he was feeble - from Elizabeth Moore Collection at ECC
3. I have found only l reference to a William in Dobbs County prior to the
appearance of my William in the l800s and that is in the Dobbs Cross Indexes.
Book l2 - April l779 - April l784 - Elisah Dowing (or) William (ee)
If this transaction was for land, I see no indication of William selling it.
What happened to it? Was this the same William as the one on Moseley Creek?
4. Jacob also appears to have lived SS of the Neuse and then moved to the NS
of the Neuse. He may have been too old to have been the son of William. Thomas
and James of Moseley Creek appear to be the right ages to have been sons of
this William. Was this James son of William or James Jr. of Dobbs? Was this
William even the son of Thomas and Isabelle? It would be a little unusual for the
time for all the young children of Thomas and Isabelle to have lived to
adulthood and all to have children.
l. BOOK l8 - p ll - l9 Feb l770 - William Treuhit (or) William Phillips (ee)
SS Neuse - ES Moseley Creek adj Richard Carlton on creek - l00 acs WIT Thomas
Prevatt, Wm Russel, Richard Carlton
2. BOOK l8 - p l3 - 5 March l770 - William Phillips (or) Samuel Hewhit, cooper
(ee) l00 acs adj Thomas Brandon, Solomon Smith - SS Neuse, Owen Daughety PART
of patent of l764
3. BOOK 22 - p 23l - 24 Aug l775 - William and Rose Phillips (or) Richard
Blackledge (ee) - 5 lbs - SS Neuse ES Moseley's Creek - 20 Acs - William bought in
l770 - used a Mark WIT: Shadrack Loften and Sarah Smith
NOTE: This still leaves 80 acs
4. BOOK 23 - p l56 - l3 Oct l773 - William and Samuel Trewhett (or) Longfield
Cox (ee) - SS Neuse - FO by Patent to William Phillips and Thomas Brandon in
5. BOOK 30 - p 252 - 26 Oct l790 - Jacob Phillips (or) John Allen (ee) SS
Neuse, Bryan's Mills Swamp - 350 acs
6. Book 3l - p l79 - l5 Nov l793 - John Gatlin (or) Levi West (ee) - SS Neuse
ES Moseley Creek - WIT Dan West, Solomon Witherington - ADJ Richard Carlton,
William Phillips, Richard Blackledge
NOTE: William Phillips was dec at this time
7. Book 3l - p 330 - June l795 - Thomas Phillips (or) Jesse Broadway (e) 50
lbs - l00 acs - SS Neuse - ES Moseley' Creek - WIT Daniel West, Willis
Daughterty - ADj Richard Carlton's side of Moseley's Creek
NOTE: This appears to be William's land. Did Thomas inherit it?
8. BOOK 32 - l794 - l Nov l793 - Thomas Applegate Green (or) Thomas Phillips
(ee) l25 lbs - prong of Jumping Run - eastern most part of Dobbs line - Stoney
Branch reference to patent of l Jan l793 - WIT John Goodlin, Richard Fetstron
- adj Samuel White, James Green, Farnifold Green
NOTE: Sells this land in Book 37
9. BOOK 32 - p 330 - June l795 - Thomas Phillips (or) Jesse Broadway (ee) 50
lbs l00 acs - SS Neuse - ES Moseley's Creek - wit Daniel West, Willis
Daughterty adj Richard Carlton' side of Moseley's Creek
l0. BOOK 32 - p 452 - l6 July l795 - Jesse Broadway (or) Daniel West (ee) l00
ac 40 lbs - SS Neuse, ES Moseley Creek, Richard Carlton''s corner - WIT Wm
Cox, Lewis C. Bryan
ll. BOOK 34 - p l84 - 2l April l800 - Farnifold Green (or) Thomas Phillips
(ee) 50 lbs - l00 acs in Craven - SS Neuse - WIT John Greene, Hollon Caswell
adj Samuel White
NOTE: What happened to this land?
l2. BOOK 37 - p 65 - 4 Feb l806 - Thomas (or) Bryan Emundson (ee) Reedy Run
50 acs for l0 lbs, SS Neuse, Deep Pocoson, Reedy Pond, Thomas Phillips patent
WIT James Arendall, Richard Wilkerenton
NOTE: What patent?
l3. BOOK 37 - p 78 - 22 Feb l806 - Thomas (or) Bryan Emundson - SS Neuse adj
to Dobbs Co line, Jumping Run - l00 acs for 25 lbs, adj James White patent by
Samuel White sold to Wm Undershill to James Green and by his Exec to Farnifold
and then to Thomas Phillips - WIT William Dudley, James Arendall
l4. Book 54 - p 2l - l838 - James Phillips, Mary Watson, William Watson and
Creasy his wife, Silas Phillips, Irwin Watson and Pircy his wife (or) William
Biddle (ee) -
NOTE: get better description
l5. Book 55 - p 324 - l828 - William Blackledge of Lenoir (or) James Phillips,
Mary Watson wife of Needham Watson, Creary Phillips, Pency Watson, Silas
Phillips - all children of late James Phillips - land at Harvey's Branch of Moseley's
l6. Book 55 - p 380 - 30 Oct l838 - James Phillips (or) Silas Phillips (ee)
land on Moseley Creek
l7. Book 63 - p 202 - children of Catherine Phillips - Spencer, Eliza, Calvin
A. Watson and Catherine his wife, Argent, William B.

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