Ernest Roscoe & Mary Leila Sutton Rouse Bible  

Contributed by Wyatt Cerri

Images of this Bible were posted on the Heritage Genealogical Society's Facebook page in July 2018 by Wyatt Cerri whose Mother is in possession of the Bible. The Bible is not in good shape except for the last page and indeed it appears several places have been scotch taped together making it impossible to read except from the original and those places are noted. The genealogical pages have been removed from the Bible for their protection. Please make note that the last page which is NOT part of this Bible. The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues.

Hubbard Brothers - Philadelphia Bible Publishers

NOTE: There is no publication date.

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony
Was Celebrated Between
Ernest Roscoe Rouse of Lenoir Co, NC
And Mary Lella Sutton of Lenoir Co, NC
On Nov. 14th 1906 (taped) at Kinston, NC
NOTE: From the original Bible
By Rev. L. B. Hall
Witness James B. Hall and Lem Warters


Ernest Roscoe Rouse was borned April 16th 1885
Mary Lella Sutton was borned February 20th 1885
Roscoe Earl Rouse so (taped) ---- and M. L. Rouse was borned (taped) --- 19th 1907
NOTE: From the original Bible the date was Sept. 19th 1907
Marcus Elwood Rouse was borned August 4th 1909
Binjaman (sic) Linwood Rouse was born June (taped)
NOTE: From the original Bible June 2nd 1913
Christopher Columbus Rouse son of E. R. Rouse and Mary L. Rouse was borned July 25th 1916
Mary Eliza Rouse Daughter of E. R. and Mary L. Rouse was borned July 3rd 1920
Lella Sutton Rouse Daughter of E R. and Mary L. Rouse was borned June 8 1925

DEATHS Infant son of E. R. and Mary L. Rouse died Sep. 12, 1911

Please note that the below page is NOT part of this Bible but the page which is a photo copy was in the Bible. The information was in a different hand and appears to have been copied from an older Bible with a different border. Mr. Cerri noted the paper is different and it is cut off at the edges.

If anyone knows what Bible this information came from and has the entire Bible, please let us know.


Name Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Date of Marriage
Date of Death


Benjamin F. Sutton
Lenoir County
June 14 1827
Feb 1908

Mary Jane Hill
Greene County
June 24, 1842
Aug 1902

John Cicero Sutton
Lenoir County
October 7 1860

Claro E. Sutton
Lenoir County
August 21 1862

Mary Rado Sutton
Lenoir County
Sept 20 1864
March 1882
Dec 12, 1882

Benjamin R. Sutton
Lenoir County
July 11, 1867

Avy Isadore Sutton
Lenoir County
Jan 3 1870

William Adro Sutton
Lenoir County
Feb. 23 1872

Aleano Sutton
Lenoir County
June 11 1874

Julia Leenno Sutton
Lenoir County
Aug. 20th 1876

Mary Lelia Sutton
Lenoir County
Feb. 20th 1885

Jerry Zeno Sutton
Lenoir County
May 22 1888
Dec 19 1909

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