William B. and Wealthy Catherine West Sutton


It is not known who has/had the originals of these pictures. The late Mattie Jolly sent me a poor xerox pictures many years ago and I suspect she had the originals. These particular pictures were sent by Chuck Hill as they are a better quality to upload.

William Sutton – 1824 – 1872 – was the son of Benjamin Sutton Jr and his first wife Mary Jane Hines. William md first Wilmouth Alberton and they had several children. He md 2nd Wealthy Catherine West - 1842 – 1915 - daughter of Kinnon Terrance and Teresa Watson West. William and Wealthy West Sutton also had several children. William Sutton was known as “Pony Bill”.

According to Miss Jolly, the home was built ca 1850 but I am not sure where it was located. On a map Ms. Jolly identified the area were Benjamin Sutton Jr lived and then circled two additional places – one in Bucklesberry and one in Woodington.

Martha Mewborn Marble

Sutton-West House

Wealthy Catherine West Sutton

William B. Sutton

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