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This is from the research of Sybil Hyatt whose original papers are at the Kinston Public Library. This addition to the Hargett- Thompson papers seems to be an unfinished work. There are many duplications of information and multiple spellings of names that I did not find in the first part of this collection. I attempted to leave everything as Ms Hyatt had written it. If she misspelled a common word I probably changed it when the spell check caught it, thinking it was my own error. Words unrecognized by spell check were left just as they were. I organized the information a little differently than it was originally presented and that could affect how it is interpreted. Please check the original work located at Lenoir Community College, Kinston, NC. The numbering of individuals is not in order at all times and this is based on her work.--- lls

Their father was Daniel T. Thompson who md a Wilder. His will was probated in Onslow County June 8, 1846.

Franklin Thompson and Johnathan Wilder Thompson, brothers. These brothers lived at Haw Branch, Onslow County, NC. I do not find anything in my memoranda to say who their parents were. (This seems to contradict the first paragraph)

  • Franklin Thompson, born 1821, died 1886, md. Leah Brown, born December 10, 1881. She was the daughter of Isaac Brown and Lucy Small, who were married May 21, 1820. He was the fourth child; the first was William Thompson by a first wife.

  • William Thompson an Edward's. (possibly md. an Edward's. Typed as written-lls) He was the father of William Bryant Thompson, father of Martin Brock's wife.
  • Jonathan Wilder Thompson, whole brother to Franklin Thompson.
  • Anne Thompson, died not old md. Brown, born January 9, 1808 died March 13, 1873, son of Isaac Brown and Mary Dean, his wife, Mary Dean daughter of William Dean and Susanna Miller, his wife born March 22, 1780. Isaac Brown, son of Benjamin Brown and Ruth Langaton, (Langston?-lls) his wife was born September 25, 1775, died August 4, 1840 md. Mary Dean September 21, 1798. Anne Thompson and Zaccheus Brown had four children:


1. Mary Brown md. John Brock brother of Joe Brock.

2. Sallie Brown, not md.

3. Zack Brown md. Alphin and had children.
4. Susan Brown md. Robert Jerman and had several children, one of whom Ab Jerman md. Jonathan Thompson's daughter by second wife.

All of Anne's children were very industrious, fine managers and exaggerated talkers. 4. Franklin Thompson, red headed, tall rawboned, iron physique, very strong, impetuous character, unusual natural ability, passionate, kindhearted, great executive ability, thoroughly dependable, unusual judgment, inclined to take lead, looked up to in community, great love of music but could not whistle a tune, profound love of humor with all his atorness, very ambitious and devoted to education. He controlled his children and household absolutely. He said, " I drink whiskey, chew tobacco and swear and I do enough for my family. He would not let any man on his place curse, believed in the Bible, pretended to no religion, kept a school for neighborhood, was never moody, never chafed under disappointment, told his children, "Always do what you promise but be damn sure you don't promise too much"

Franklin Thompson and Leah Brown had nine children:

  • Sarah Thompson md. Joseph Brock
  • Caroline Thompson md. Sandors
  • Daniel Thompson
  • Lucy Thompson md George W. Koonce
  • Cyrus Thompson
  • Isaac Thompson
  • Frank Thompson
  • Robert Thompson
  • Penie Small Thompson

Sarah Thompson Brock had seven children:

  • Frank Brock died about 12
  • Kate died young
  • Minnie Brock, quiet dutiful, devoted to mother.
  • Gussie (spelling difficult to read may be incorrect) Brock, capital good sense, well balanced, industrious, died pneumonia. md Nick Jarman, had 6 or 7 children.
  • Clyde Brock, brightest of family very pretty, bright Irish type, blue eyes, black hair, very sweet, lives at Greenville NC, Mrs J Z Gardner.
  • Annie T Brock md M Rouse, had one child Archie Rouse, very orderly, quiet, industrious, retiring, red haired, blue eyes, lives with Sallie Brock
  • Martin Brock md Mattie Thompson, daughter of Wm. Bryant Thompson

Caroline Thompson Sanders, brilliant mind, perhaps the finest in the family, impatient, headstrong, small beautiful hands and feet, red haired, fine cook, fine dressmaker, very generous, devoted child, good musician, wrote verse, parlor boarder at Mary's Raleigh, NC for 2 years, one year at Frost's School, Goldsboro, NC graduated, attended school Charleston, SC returned home when war began. Her husband was brother to Govenor Russell's wife. He graduated at University of North Carolina, lazy, wanted to read, wrote well, loved music, gambled, drank, worked at custom house,---ington, and was discharged for drinking, had worked at on a newspaper, had:

  • Newton, died infant Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Lille, died Croup 3 years old
  • Alice Ameda Sanders, d 37 years old about 1907, October 29, born ____mber 26. She had a very fine mind. She told me that if she read anything she fancied, she could repeat it after reading it once. She was fine musician and artist and wrote a number of beautiful poems. These were so treasured by her Aunt Penie, that she asked a certain lady to arrange them for publication. She did but she put her own name on them as the author. She died during terrible weather but she had selected a certain place on her Uncle Dave Sanders farm to be buried and she was buried there though it was very inconvenient. She and her mother both died at Jacksonville, NC of hemorrhagic fever. She said when she got up in the morning, she felt no worse than she had felt a thousand times but thought she had best take a dose of quinine. During the morning she was taken with a hemorrhage. Dr. Cy Thompson was called. He said as soon as he saw the extent of the hemorrhage he knew she had no chance to live and he sat with her all day, and witnessed the most prodigious flight of intellect he had ever seen. She quoted page after page of the most beautiful poems that had ever been written. She said death seems dreadful when it is far away but when you get right up to it it is not bad. Dr Thompson told me he had seen many persons die and every one to them had been reconciled to die.

  • Daniel Thompson, died 21 years, sick and became unconscious on train taken off at Raleigh and died in 1867. He had been in Civil War at 15 and served two years under age and had been discharged home because of being under age and had been recalled the fourth year, very serious and determined, rather slow in physical movement, fine soldier, dependable and independant.

  • Lucy Thompson Koonce, d. 1873 md George W. Koonce son of Phillip Koonce of Carteret County. She had a first rate wind, sang like a mocking bird, very sensible equable disposition. They had:

  • Lillie died of Croup 2 or 3 years old.
  • Daniel, died inflammation of the liver, very bright and promising 14 year.

  • Isaac Thompson, died 14 years, in summer of acute sickness, lively boy.
  • Cyrus Thompson, graduated at Randolph-Macon in 1876, attended University of Virginia one year, attended University of Louisiana one year, sentimental fond of music, sings. He was secretary of State of North Carolina when Russell was Governor. He was said to be the finest stump speaker in the state. I have never heard but one other man I though equaled him in honeyed eloquence. Born February 8 1855 md the daughter of one of his professors.

  • Frank Thompson, born 1856, not sentimental, red headed, can't sing, good lawyer, attended to his business, graduated Randolph-Macon, was a very unpromising boy, his mother pleaded for his chance to go to college, looked very like Mrs. Sanders, very good husband, md 1883 Norah Hargett, sister of Frederick Hargett. They had:

  • A boy d. infancy
  • Leah
  • Louise, spit of her mother

  • Robert Thompson, b 1858, farmer, mechanic, instrumental musician, general adaptability, full of industry, a little visionary, thoroughly dependable, fair judgment, not much given to books but a good student at school, went to Randolph-Macon, md. Jeanette Venters, sister to Wayne Venters, very pretty. Children:

  • Paul
  • Lucy
  • Lyde
  • Robert
  • Volney
  • Thelma

  • Penie Thompson md. Frederick. W. Hargett

Jonathan Wilder Thompson, whole brother to Franklin Thompson, d. 84. Entirely unlike Franklin, black haired, farmer, fretted quiet, great at talker, stayed at home never mingled much with the public, strong likes and dislikes, sober, md 1st Levicy Brown, born November 7 1819, daughter of Isaac Brown, born September 25, 1773, died Aug 4, 1840 md September 21, 1796 Mary Dean, March 22, 1780, daughter of William Dean and Susanna Miller greatgranddaughter of Jacob and Catherine Miller, Palatines. They had:

  • Mary
  • Sue
  • Lizzie
  • George
  • Sannie
  • Orphie
  • Charlie
  • Walter
  • Oscar he md 2nd Mary Trott. They had five daughters:

  • Blanche md. Lon Jarman
  • Lula md. Watt Sandlin
  • Daisy md. Dunc Gardner
  • Lillian md. Ab Z Jarman
  • Maud md. Ab Bryant

Sallie Thompson md. Charles Cox Onslow County about 1802
Isabella Thompson md. Joseph Small, Jones County they were the great granddaughters of J Parsons Brown.

Abigail Thompson born November 10, 1814 in NC Her parents went to TN, when she was a child and then to Texas, where she married a Craft.

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