Whaley Family  

WHALEY surname notes from Keith Whaley - whaley@worldnet.att.net

Ezekiel Whaley

An Ezekiel Whaley was on the Dobbs/Lenoir 1790 Census and had descendents that have moved into the Florida and Georgia areas. I think he may have possibly been the son of old James Whaley, Sr.

James Whaley, Sr.

James Whaley, Sr. sold a piece of property in Duplin County in 1723. I don't have a concrete connection on him as the parent of Ezekiel yet. The only connection I have is that he signed up as a pfier in the American Revolution in Duplin County at the age of 12, but he lived all his life until his death somewhere on the Lenoir/Jones County line. He was married to Nancy Jarmon of Onslow County.

Rigdon Whaley

Rigdon Whaley, Sr. lived at one time in the Lenoir County area and had a turpentine business there, he is the son of William Whaley, Sr. of the Duplin County 1790 Census. I went to a family reunion last year at the Ayden American Legion Bldg. in the fall of 1999 after the hurricane flood waters went down, it was the Ira Jackson Whaley Family Reunion, I am planning on being there in 2000 also.

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