Zellner-Capehart-Hardy-MacArthur Connection  

Families Origin: Scottish/Irish/English/German

The names listed on this Ancestral Chart represent only the descendants of this particular family branch. It does not discredit any other related descendants to General Douglas MacArthur and his Mother Mary Pinkney Hardy. Some siblings of the aboved named families have been omitted, with the exception of siblings William Hardy and Frances Hardy because of the significance of their connection in linking these families. Submitted by Mrs. Patricia Ann Zellner Massie, February 10, 2007, with the intent that this information may be useful in helping other families connect their ancestral descendants.  

Hardy Family

Generation (1)

Anthony Hardy (ca) Pembroke, Wales
married: unknown
Generation (2)
John Noble Worthington Hardy (ca) [Pembroke, Wales]
married: Emily Parker [date unknown]

Generation (3)

John Hardy (ca)/19 [Dorchester, England and Bertie County, NC]
married: Charity O'Dyer (ca) 1660-before 1719

Generation (4)

William Hardy (ca)
married: Edith Batchelor [Fewox] (ca) before 1714
Generation (5)
Lamuel [Lamb] Hardy (ca)
married: Elizabeth Parrott (ca)

















Generation (6)

Frances Hardy)

married: Michael Capehart on 7 Mar 1756

Hardy Family cont.
Generation (6)
William Hardy (1729-1783)
married: 26 Nov 1751 Sarah Sowell

Zellner Family

Generation (1)

George Peter Zellner (ca)
married Mary Capehart.

Generation 2

John William Zellner (b) 1794 (d) 1862
Married: 3/7/1819 Martha Moncrief)

Generation 3

Oliver Peter Zellner (b) 1824 (d) 1868
Married: 1/20/1847 Nancy Winfield Pruitt
(1830 - ca 1900)

Generation 4

Michael Hillery Zellner (b) 1856 (d) 1900
Married: 1885 Alice Traylor (b) 1858

Generation 5

Luther Homer Zellner (b) 1886 (d) 1951
Married: 1914 Mary Mellisa Sweat)

Generation 6

Paul Odell Zellner (b) 1915 (d) 1997
Married: 1940 Ruth Ethridge Deskin (1919-)
 Capehart Family
...Mary Capehart, daughter of Frances (Hardy) Capehart
married George Peter Zellner    
Generation (7)
Edward Hardy (b) 3/18/1770 (d) 1837
Married: Lydia Jarvis)
Generation (8)
Thomas Ashbury Hardy
Married: 1831 Elizabeth Margaret Pierce
Generation (9)
Mary Pinkney Hardy (b) 1852 (d) 12/3/1935
married General Arthur MacArthur
MacArthur Family
Generation (1)
General Arthur MacArthur.
(b) 1845 (d) 9/5/1912
Married: 5/19/1875 Mary Pickney Hardy
Generation (2) 
General Douglas MacArthur
(b) 1/26/1880 (d) 4/5/1964
Married: 1922 Louise Cromwell Brooks
2nd marriage 1937, Jean Faircloth  
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