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These pages represent the hard work of many researchers who desire to document the ancestors and descendants of the three BRIGHT brothers who came to North Carolina from the neighboring colony/state of Virginia-- John, Henry and Richard --and especially Captain Simon Bright of Dobbs County, NC. There are many North Carolina counties involved, but especially Dobbs, Lenoir, Greene, Currituck, Craven, Bath, Hyde and Beaufort.
The traditional naming pattern of the era adds to the confusion of these family lines. Because of Burned Counties in NC , we are trying to locate and post bible records, deed, church records, court records, etc. to help verify the different lines.
The genealogy of this family needs straightening out, especially when it comes to Capt. Simon Bright's descendants and ancestors. There is much misinformation out there including memorial plaques that incorrectly state the linages. There are also published works that contain misinformation based on verbal recollections and not primary sources.
You are invited to view this site and submit data, data that meets the Primary Source guidelines. If you find any of our research useful, please credit the researcher who submitted the information. Permission is not granted to copy these pages with the intent to publish or profit from the work of others. You may link to The Bright Research Site, but not duplicate these pages elsewhere.
Researchers who submitted information in the early days of this site include:
Frances p;             
Charles C. Lucas
Rose Parks
Patty Day
Martha Marble
Madelyn Brite Larkin
Francis Hodges
Jack Bright

BRIGHT Family Wills

William D. Bennett's "The Bright Family of Lenoir and Greene Counties, NC "

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