Early Lenoir County, NC Settlers  

"Kinston - 200 Year Anniversary"

In addition to Robert Atkins, John Gatlin, Francis Stringer, Lazarus Turner early families to the Lenoir County, NC area, others included the McIllweans, the Rouses, the Turners, the Ramseys, the Owens, the Potts, the Bonds, the Brights, the Carruthers, the Slocumbs, the Lintons, the Hayes, the Wiggins, the Taylors, the Williamses and the Box family.

In the 1740's and 1750's the stream of settlers grew thicker. Among those were many whose descendants still live in the area:


Thomas Abbott
Elias Aldredge
Anthony and William Arendell
Alexander Avery


John Baker
John Ballard
William Barrus Sr and Jr
John Becton
Frederick Bibble
Simon and William Bright
Thomas Brown
Benjamin Bruton
William Bush
Richard Byrd


Stephen Cade
Edward and William Carter
Richard Caswell
William Cole
Theophilus Coleman
William Collins
Thomas Copeland
Major Croom


Joseph, Joel and William Dawson
Samuel DeLoach
John Desmond
Francis Dickinson
Thomas Dixon
William Dupree
John Dudley


Thomas Edwards


Abbingdon Felps
Peter, Joel and Edward Fitzpatrick (some of descendants use the name Patrick)
James, Menoah and Edward Forest


John Gainey
Nathan Giles
Henry and Timothy Goodman
John Grady
John Grant
Joseph and Jonas Griffin


William Hardison
Thomas Hardy
Francis Harper
John and Francis Harrell
Christopher Harrison
John and Francis Harrison
Paul and John Hartsfield
Samuel Hawkins
Robert Hayes
Anthony, Anthony Jr, Benjamin, Henry, John, John Jr, Stephen, Joshua (a Baptist preacher) and Simon Herring
John Herritage, son of William Herritage
Robert Hill
Robert and William Hines
Samuel and Thomas Holloman
Charles Homes
Edward Hood
Caleb Hughes
Robert Humphreys


Richard and William Ingram
John Irons
Job Ives


Ambrose Jackson
Osbourne Jeffries
Henry, Jacob and John Jernigan
James, Peter, Richard, Solomon and William Johnston


Henry Kennedy


Jacob Langston
Thomas Lewis
John Lister


Gibson and Richard Martin
Thomas, Charles, Francis, Dennis and Bryan McClendon
John McDaniel
John and Archie McIllroy
George Michaelwolf (whose descendants dropped the first part of the surname and called it Wolfe)
Joseph and William Miller


George, John and James Norris


James and Richard Pace
Goerge, James, Richard and William Parker
John Parrott
Pate Family
Edward Penny
George Petit
Mark Phillips
Thomas Pierce
William Poole
Nicholas Porter
Isaac Powell and sons
John, Moses, Richard and William Prescott


Michael Rashure
John Raspberry
Jeremiah Rhem
John Roach
John and Rebecca Robinson


Abraham Sheppard
James Simmons
Samuel Singleton
James Stallings
William, John and Sands Stanley
Absalom and Thomas Suggs
John Sutton


James, John, Jonathan and Joshua Thigpen
Samuel Thomas
Nicodemus, Nicholas, Jacob and William Thompson
Thomas Thornton
George Turnage
John, Simon and Etheldred Turner


Edward Vaughn
Thomas and Edward Vause
Jeptha and John Vining


William Wade
Thomas Walker
Thomas Webb
John and Robert West
John P. White
Nicholas White
Luke and William Whitfield
William Wilson
John, Aaron and William Wood
John Worthington

All of these families and a few others not documented, were settled in the area by 1757.

The next year the Hookers came down from Bertie County and settled near what is now Hookerton and the Graingers came up from Wilmington.

The Haveys began here with the arrival of Captain Matthias Harvey in 1771.

The Cobb family began when Jesse Cobb moved here from Bertie County around 1766.

The Washington family arrived here after the Revolutionary War as did the Elliots.